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October 27, 2002
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Time to Myself

9:07 pm: I had a quiet day, and it's partially due to John's design. He did really good at getting me time to myself for myself. I actually got my journal a little more up to date than it had been, which is saying something as I'm nearly a month behind.

Jet was up multiple times last night. John got him twice, and I got him twice, and then Jet woke up at 5 and stayed up. That was mildly painful, but I lay down on the couch in the livingroom and when George got up, he took over, easily. I went back to bed.


I didn't get up until nearly 9. Folks were eating, playing, and kids were screaming and laughing, and I didn't care. I slept while I could. I finally got up and ate waffles with George, who was the last one to finish. John made us our own batch, and I munched them with sausages. My yogurt figured prominently on the table. I was amazed, but the stuff is thicker than milk, though not the custard of the commercial grade stuff. It was great for spreading on waffles, especially with a good blob of jam.

It was a great breakfast. When all was done, Jan, Paul, Marina, and Isabel all headed to Fort Collins while John, George, Jet and I stayed home. Jet napped soon after everyone left. So John and George got to work on some things, and I got to start filling in my journal. I was glad to have the quietness and the time. We all had lunch together, and the boys went out to build Jet a sand box while I kept plowing through the last of September, set it up with the month summary, and then started October off to a good, ten day start.

I need to back stuff up again. But it's good to get moving on that again. The inertia of a whole month waiting to be posted is pretty huge. It's much easier to break it up into smaller jobs that can just be done.

When the crew called to say that they were coming home, we started dinner. John made guacamole. I made macaroni and cheese. Jet nibbled a few chips, and then started scooping up guac. He didn't like the taste that much, so he started feeding the chips to various people. Both Isabel and I thought the guac was too hot. So Jet ended up feeding Paul a good number of chips with lots of guac. Hee.

John got the sausages cooking as folks got in, rested, and got ready to eat. Jan and John put together a caprice salad, and we had dinner! Yay! It was very comforting. The snow is supposed to roll in tomorrow night. We'll see how it goes.

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