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September 2, 2000
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Dim Sum and Chinese Grocery Shopping

The cinnamon rolls puffed up alarmingly huge. They completely overflowed the pan I'd put them in and when I moved them into another pan, they fell down and didn't get back up. So I baked them as they were and they turned out really yummy, actually. Enough puff was still in them to make them not rock-hard, and not so much that they were fragile. So we had hot cinnamon rolls while Fezzik watched me very, very closely. He got a bit near the end of my breakfast. It is my main indulgence for the week.

I try to stay on the whole wheat, whole fruit, whole vegetable, plenty of protein and calcium diet most of the time and indulge myself once a week in something that has absolutely no dietary benefit at all. I also do the vitamin every night and two Tums for extra calcium in the mornings. Can't do calcium and iron at the same time as, I think, calcium inhibits iron absorption. But calcium is the important one later in the whole pregnancy, and if I'm sure that I have plenty of the stuff in my bloodstream for the fish to feed off of, I know it won't eat my bones. I've heard enough stories about at least one mom that was nearly crippled by the baby sucking calcium from her bones that eating a few Tums is a relatively small sacrifice to make.

Bob, Mai, and Andrew; Cary and AJ; and John and I all went to the Empress for dim sum lunch. On the way John had seen an ad for the slider rockers at Oak Express, they were all on sale, and he knew that I really, really wanted one for when the baby arrived. The motion is supposed to be soothing for the kiddo and I basically wanted one for myself, as well, for the motion and the comfort. We stopped off at 53rd off I-25 and there were a good dozen slider rockers to choose from and we got the one we really liked the best. Their warehouse got the boxes to the loading dock and we pulled Borax up and I thought there's no way those boxes are going to fit in here!

But they did. Perfectly even. So the storage area of Borax is far larger than it looks. I was pretty happy that it worked out so well.

Lunch was wonderful. I'd been craving dim sum for a week or two and I finally got it all filled up. It was nice to have all that time to eat it, too, as I don't seem to eat much at any given time, but over time I can really eat a lot. The two moms were having fun regaling John with stories about birthings and the dad's were telling him that he was just there to be yelled at and abused during delivery and I'm just kinda listening and blinking, as is Andrew. The food was wonderful, but the conversation was kinda interesting. I dunno, nothing else in this pregnancy has gone exactly as normal.

The Empress is good at making everything hot and fresh and it was just nice to indulge in all the little things that I'd been wanting for a while. Steamed and fried and otherwise. It was all good.

The adventure was after lunch. We went to the Pacific Market and bought lots of yummy things. One of the things I'd been wanting for a long time was a sour plum drink that Mom and Dad used to make in the summer when I was a kid. The scent of it is unmistakablely fragrant. The sourness is pretty refreshing and Mom used to add enough sugar to make it really yummy. They didn't seem to have any in cans and Mai was wonderful and asked the counter ladies where to find it. They had packets of the dried fruits and spices that go into it and you are supposed to just boil your own. Mai said, "Just boil it! Start with some water and you'll find out how strong it is." I got two packets, one for reference for when I wanted to buy it again.

Spent most of the afternoon reading a really neat book that Genevieve recommended to me. It was based in the near future with neural plugs for full-effect VR and folks that had taken it to create the SCA in full regalia. No magic was allowed and real physics prevailed. There were also Civil War recreations, and other stuff that was fairly graphic. But it was fun following the protagonist and her coder/magician through a more screwed up part of the system. The equivalence of software and magic was made far more concrete in that system, and I really liked it. Always felt that magic might work really well as something that was pre-written and only unleashed when the magician needed it. That much research, creativity and thought went in the front end to create a 'spell' and then, only when it was needed was the spell actually used. So a magical arsenal was, very much, the work of a lifetime and only one devoted to the full process could really do anything.

I also really liked that it was as important to be able to see the underlying code and patterns and understand what they were doing as it was to write new stuff. That's the kind of magician I think I could stand being.

While I read I boiled up one of the packets, and it was exactly like when I was a kid. That sour fruity scent wafting through the whole house. That was really, really nice. Brought back a lot of memories, and the taste of the stuff was exactly as I remembered. John liked it best without any sugar at all, and I actually liked it that way, but it wasn't what I remembered. So I added an ungodly amount of sugar and then mixed it and diluted it a little and it was dead on what my memory was saying it 'should be'. Wow. A bit of memory in scent and taste of lazy summers in a Chinese family in Indiana.

Late in the evening I finally felt mildly hungry again, so I nuked a couple of White Castle cheeseburgers and ate those with a peach and some carrots. Protein and other necessary things, but I really wasn't all that hungry.

We then went to the Hamiltons to show them the fish-tape, as Bob had shown some interest in seeing it. He was pretty amazed by the details available, especially the blood flow color overlay. It was fun showing him all the various things that the doctor found, and he was fascinated by the technology as well as all the information in the tape itself. Mai was happy that I brought some of the sour plum drink, and she gave John and I a white peach to share. It was a very odd peach, crisp-ripe and just sugar sweet instead of the honey richness and intense flavor and perfume of a truly ripe peach. It was like sugar water in white, crispness, nearly an apple-like texture but just a hint of the yielding a real peach would do. It was very odd.

I could see why they're be really marketable. They were still crunchy firm and probably shipped beautifully and without any bruises. They were sweet at this stage, which some people probably equate with ripe, but the sheer absence of the richness I associate with peaches was just a crime.

We watched the Aardman Creature Comforts with them as well. It's a small collection of short animated films that they did for various reasons. Funny and interesting to watch how it all started.

So it wasn't all that late when we went home, which was nice. Sleep is good

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