Liralen's Adventure Through Life
September 2000
  2: Dim Sum and Chinese Grocery Shopping
  3: Peach Cream Pie
  4: Shiloh and Aynjel
  5: Bear, Fish and Visitor
  8: Getting Away Again
  9: Rehearsal Day
10: Celebration
11: Going Home
13: Hiatus
15: Getting Ready
16: Fezzik's Birthday Party
17: Visiting with Old Friends
18: Back to Work
19: Finding Something Useful To Do
20: An Actual Cold Day!
21: Fish Check, Sea Soup, and the Olympics
22: Cold Weather
23: Work and Snow
24: Curled up Home
26: Old Dogs
27: Eating Wild Game
28: Cat Souls
29: Chemo Thoughts
30: All Mixed Up

A mixed up month of too-hot and too-cold, snow and stifling heat, and also the clear, clean end of summer.

There was the true joy of Gretchen and Brad's wedding and the gathering of the people that I knew of the Horde. There was the great fun and good amount of work that was Fezzik's 12th birthday party. The baby seems to be doing just fine in its aquatic environment and I'm actually feeling a bit better and more settled in my pregnancy.

That was mixed with Cera's kitten getting sick and finding out that Fezzik is out of remission and may only have a few more months, so it was very likely his last birthday party. Though we could still throw him parties, and he seems to be responding well to what chemo we can give him.

But it was a time of trying to deal with life and death, joy and sorrow all intermixed.

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