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September 11, 2000
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Going Home

We took it easy today. Didn't get up until late, then had breakfast at the Santa Cruz diner, which was actually pretty good. The strawberry pancakes were pancakes covered with ripe strawberries and whipped cream. Yummy. We then took a long, slow, winding, scenic route back towards the airport. It was long and slow enough that I had a very Animaniacs kind of 'potty emergency' only to be saved by Starbuck's. They had, not only a clean restroom, but cold drinks as well, as it was sunny and warm out.

The hills between Santa Cruz and San Franciso are beautiful.

I think that the one thing that the trip taught me is that I really do miss the coast, miss the ocean. I'm still far away from most of my closest friends, but that wasn't any different when I was in Seattle. I just have to see them all more often. It's just so relaxed and interesting and fun when I do. I'm still not exactly sure we could afford to live out there, and still do everything we do, but we could always get closer, some day.

The flight was completely uneventful, as was getting home. John got Fezzik from the Goodells and he was chubbier and happier than when we left. A bit slower, though, too, and his nodes are getting bigger, which worries me some, but he seems to be cheerful eventhough.

After all the rich and complex foods of the last few days, I just threw together cooked chicken, potatoes, onions, and various other things to make chicken hash. We ate that gratefully while watching a bit of Monday Night Football and then went to sleep in our very own beds. Fezzik asked to go outside to sleep, and since it was good and cool outside, it seemed the right thing for him to do. I heard him walking around on the porch during the night, but he never really barked too much, which was nice

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