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September 13, 2000
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Two weird, listless days, as I know that I'm taking off for another four already. I'll have missed a couple of Mondays in a row. That's nice. My hands are doing really well.

One very, very keen thing was that Carl said that it was really fun to have both John and I visiting and that he thought John should visit more often as the Horde didn't get to see him that often and that he was well worth seeing. That was a very keen thought to get from Carl.

The last two days have been really weird days as I really know what it is that I have to get done this month, and even just this week and I'm working frantically but without any real motivation. I just want my time off. It's so mildly weird, especially since I'm going to see everyone on Saturday anyway and I'm taking the time off to prep for the party. So I've stuffed my days with the small things that I can do Right Now and actually feel pretty good about getting done.

Today I actually called together the expert group on usability testing and we designed a test for a group that was asking for our help and needed the feedback to be quantified. So that was very fun and interesting, but it all had to be minuted and checked and approved by people before the results could actually be forwarded to those that needed it. That was one thing we talked with Jay about last week. Simply 'cause it's a larger company, more people expect to be in on certain decisions and that's somewhat hard to adjust to.

Evening came and John and I went home early to eat dinner before he rushed off to go get Geoff from the airport. They didn't run into much traffic, and Geoff had asked for this so that he and John could have some time together without me in the way. I curled up in the rocker and enjoyed a book or two in the quiet as Fezzik curled up to watch me in the quiet of the house. He only staggered up when the two of them actually burst into the house.

They were doing well, and there hadn't been much traffic and it was nice to hug Geoff again. We were all pretty exhausted by then, and we went to sleep pretty quickly.

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