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September 24, 2000
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Curled up Home

The world was white and magical when I woke up. The back fence had four inches of snow on the rails and I could see the white fields beyond it stretching out for miles. It was just beautiful.

We stayed home most of the day, watching the Olympics. I made split pea soup using old split peas and a ham hock I bought, a little one. Lots of vegetables and water and no salt at all. I was feeling the odd, metallic feeling one feels when one eats too much salt or MSG. I wasn't feeling exactly thirsty, but that odd feeling was all through my mouth and I didn't like it, so I did drink a lot, trying to get rid of it.

Spent most of the day in the new rocker, occassionally getting up to stir the soup. Later in the afternoon John wanted to do a few errands, and I needed a bit of far-focus stuff, so we went to dump all the recycling. Since most of the yard was still snow and slush and the shadow of the house was cold, I wore my winter coat and my really warm boots. Most of the back of Borax was filled with stuff that could be recycled, which was kinda nice. Bottles, plastics, cardboard, papers of all kinds, tin cans, aluminum, and all that stuff that would be reincarnated as new stuff.

That was kinda keen.

John then somewhat surprised me and we went to Whole Foods, as I needed carrots for the beef stew I wanted to make tonight. We also picked up a lot of other stuff that I suddenly remembered we needed, like Grade B real maple syrup, miso, and chocolate. Okay, I always need chocolate. Anyway, it was fun to just wander through there again and marvel at the quality of everything.

Target was next, for John to drop some film off. I also got a bottle of conditioner while he looked for one thing he needed. I'm getting to like the Mega conditioner more and more, as it's quick, thorough and useful.

By the time we got out of there, the world was warm. The sun was shining and the snow was melting and it was a good 70 degrees out, very nice and comfortable if I'd been wearing something other than my winter coat and boots. As it was, I could suck a few layers in the truck and went home in relative comfort.

Home again, home again. John worked, I made beef stew from cheap meat from Safeway and used definitively the wrong cut with too much soup stuff, and not nearly enough time. Oops. It didn't work out very well, and it made me sad. The split pea soup worked out pretty well, but I hadn't had enough peas to start, so added a second batch of them later, which were a bit less well cooked than the first batch, so I had a few firm peas in the batch, which gave it texture. Despite avoiding salt with both dishes, however, my feeling of being over-salted never really diminished, which was mildly disconcerting.

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