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September 23, 2000
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Work and Snow

Work work work.

Lots of good work, though. Lots of things done and sorted and finished, and I even made a good oatmeal breakfast for John and I to start. I didn't get up until late, as I needed my sleep, but we managed to get in before noon. Enough so that I got a chunk of stuff done before we went out to eat food. Work was pretty deserted other than boss Bill being in and trying, frantically, to catch up on other things. It's good to know that work is pretty deserted on the weekends, it's the way it should be and I wouldn't be here if I hadn't had all the other things going on in my life.

Food is good, especially on a cold day. Fezzik's appetite is completely back and mine is getting gradually better as well.

Pretty much finished things in the afternoon and found one more problem in the evening that I managed to just fix instead of angsting about. I think I spend more time being afraid of some problem than I actually do in coding the solutions. It's always harder for me to go in an change it than it actually is to do the changes. I don't know why that is, probably an essential flaw in my character.

By 4 it had started to snow. It's nice being near the windows, as I can glance out and watch it snow and snow and snow. Not sticking at first, but as the light fell, the grass gradually was covered in white, the neighboring roofs dimmed and ghosted to white, and eventually the night sky was a lace of snow against the light of the street and parking lot lamps.


I finished everything by 7, was exhausted and hungry and John whisked me over to the Safeway and the Papa John's where we got pizza and a few things from the grocery store for tomorrow. Fezzik greeted us exuberantly as we got home, dancing through the snow to get into the garage and shove his way to pets by pushing at my legs until I petted him thoroughly. He was good and only a little damp instead of being mud-soaked.

We ate pizza and watched the Olympics. The pizza seemed awfully salty, but it was quick and pretty good food, so I ate eagerly after the long day at work it was looking like tomorrow would be a quiet day at home, curled up warm at home while the snow was outside. It snowed the entire evening and Fezzik demanded out onto the back porch to eat the accumilation happily. He really liked that.

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