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September 1, 2001
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Dim Sum

Today was dim sum day, with all the folks from work. We had a nice, elaborate plan to make sure that Jet would be okay during the meal, but he sidestepped it all with solids. I was pretty impressed.

We got up, had a light breakfast, I fed Jet and we were off to the Farmer's Market just south of us at the place John and I had tried a few months ago and had only found an empty parking lot. This time the parking lot had people in it, but by the time we got there Jet was asleep. So I stayed with Jet while Mom, Dad and John shopped a bit and got things for the next couple of days. We bought a ball of bread and Mom got a very ripe cantaloupe. Jet woke up part of the way through all that, so I got out of the car with him in my arms and looked around a little as well. There were a few other vegetable stands, and I got some sweet peppers in green and purple because they were pretty.

From there John decided he wanted to look at some diningroom chairs, as the ones we have presently are dangerously unstable. If Jet ever grabbed the back of one of these, it would go over right on top of him, so we wanted to find something far more stable and kid safe. So we drove on down to the Oak Express and shopped around there for a while. When Jet got fussy, I took him back to the Baby Buggy and we nursed peacefully in the car. I got around his usual distraction by draping a blanket over him, and eventhough he spent the first five minutes trying to pull the blanket off, after that he ate peacefully and didn't even dispute the second side. That was very useful indeed. I haven't used that technique for months, and I was glad I thought to do it again.

It was only a ten minute drive from there to The Empress, and we met up immediately with Cary and his crew. His wife, AJ, and their two sons, Erin and Cary Jr. and AJ's mom were all there. That was really cool. A.J.'s mom is half Mexican and half Chinese and she cooks both types of food authentically and loves them. It was very keen to listen to her talk about cooking and food with everyone else. Sudipto and his wife arrived soon after and Chad arrived with them. It was cool to see them all. I got the recipe for tandoori chicken while we were waiting for Bob and Mai, and it was very keen to know that it's just basically yogurt and the tandoori spices that one can get from any good Indian store. Simple!

It's always fun to watch a group that has gathered for food, and I love listening to them talk about food, how they approach it, what they love about it, and how they enjoy being together with good food. Maybe it's something about the age old traditions of breaking bread together, but the meal becomes something shared not just physically but through remembrance, associations, and various parts of the conversation that is shared as well. Mai and Bob arrived soon thereafter and we all dug in.

It was good to have for different Chinese style folks around that were free to just grab whatever looked good as the carts went by. Different people had different favorites and with so many people we were able to get some of just about everything and everyone had some of it all. So that was good.

Jet was great through the whole meal. He sat in a high chair for much of it, watching the dishes go by and he was very happy, playing quietly with toys and with his toes, with a spoon, or with whatever he could reach. He got fussy with a diaper, but then was really easy until everyone was pretty much done with their meal. Then he fussed big until I mixed apple juice and cereal and started feeding him that. He ate prodigiously, sucking it down as fast as I could give it to him. He loved eating while everyone else was eating too, so I think that was something I should continue doing. When we do take him to a restaurant it's probably a good idea to bring some of his food along as well and while we're either waiting for food, the check, or the waiter, we can just feed Jet and make him happy about participating as well.

We were there for several hours. So it was good that we'd brought along food for him. I got to nurse him again, in the car, while John, Mom and Dad wandered about the Pacific Ocean grocery store. That was good for both of us, and Jet slept all the way home.

Everyone went for a nap when we got home, other than Jet. He wanted to play. So I set him up on the sheepskin, and I lay down next to him and drowsed and watched him until a couple hours later Dad came and spelled me to let me take my nap. I slept hard for a couple of hours. They kept Jet happy with solids, and when I finally got up I felt human again.

Dinner was super simple. Leftover zucchini lasagna and the bread we'd bought and a salad John made. It was really good and we got our walk afterwards in the cooling air. Tomorrow Mom and Dad are going to do their own Rocky Mountain adventure, so we'll have time to ourselves.

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