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September 2, 2001
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Miles of Ma(i)ze

5:18 pm: A good, clear day for Mom and Dad to go out to the Rocky Mountain National Park and all the surrounding places. The sky was clear and bright in the morning, and gradually clouded up in the afternoon. So by 1 the sky had a good number of big, white clouds sailing by, so when Bob called to ask if we wanted to do the corn maze with them, we said sure.

Mom and Dad had their customary breakfast before leaving, and when I got up, I used the leftover bread from last night to make French Toast for John and I, with turkey bacon and plenty of maple syrup. The thick, chewy crust made for excellent crust on the toast, and the tender centers soaked up the custard really well. It was really yummy.

For the morning, I played with Jet while John kegged his beer. He played with Jet while I brewed the sour plum drink and took a bath. It was a fun tradeoff. John had to keg two whole batches of beer, which involved a lot of sterilization of equipment, cleaning, and transferring of beer. The sour plum drink just took popping all the dried things into a pot of water and setting it up to boil. My bath used the ginger cream bubblebath from Origins. It didn't bubble nearly as well as either the stuff Carl gave me or the Lush bubble bath slices, but it was very gingery smelling and the cream in the bath felt very good on my skin. I didn't run it too hot, but it was nice and warm.

At lunchtime we both ate our leftover flautas with guacamole and sour cream. They were very yummy the day after, with lots of the good flavor from the corn tortillas playing better with the chicken and beef. John toasted them in the toaster oven and was really great about getting them out when they smelled and looked done instead of relying on a time estimate from me because I didn't even have a clue what it might be.

Bob and Mai arrived at 1:30 and the five of us piled into the Baby Buggy and went for the Anderson's Farm, which advertises the largest corn maze in the world! They cut it as a stagecoach and two horses this year, instead of the ram, eagle and buffalo of last year. We got the punch cards, and headed right into the stagecoach, just headed in at any random direction and looked for the first sign post. They had sign posts throughout the maze that had a number and a map with an X on the spot the corresponded to the location of the post. The map made it possible to go find the next post or even just another post.

The corn was much happier this year. The stalks were at least ten feet tall, and the wind rustling the whole field was just as wonderful to stand in the midst of and listen. The weather was really warm, in the low 90's, but we'd only gone because there was some cloud cover that provided some shade in addition to the cool, green shade that the corn gave. Average temperatures, this time of year, is supposed to be in the low 80's and high 70's, not the darned 90's. But 90 it was and I was glad I wore a hat, as we trundled through.

The green corn also had rather different properties than the dried corn when we'd gone through with Carl. The bladed leaves could actually cut with their edges as we went through, not deep or badly, but it was like light paper cuts against my forearms as we waded through more and more corn. Jet's face and body were protected by the fact that most of the big blades were higher up and the stroller's hood also managed to part a lot of the stuff.

Jet actively wanted to grab leaves for himself. It turned into a game for him. Every time we stopped for a hole punch he would try and pounce on a nearby leaf. It was really funny watching him go at it. He would go pretty slowly to make sure that he could actually capture a waving leaf in his hand, and then he would clutch it hard and when the stroller started up again he'd use the force of the motion to rip a piece off for him to hang onto and stuff into his mouth. He would also laugh and wiggle whenever he got near a leaf just in anticipation. That was pretty funny.

We spent a good two hours in the maze, with plenty of water breaks and sunshine. The maze operators had done a really cool thing and left coolers of ice cold water at various stop points, so that people could get plenty of ice water while it was so hot out in the maze. Everyone we met had water bottles, sunscreen, and head and eye protection. We kept meeting up with people we'd seen before, and it was pretty fun to figure out which way some people decided to go, to see who was methodical about doing everything, and who was just there to 'Get Lost' in the maze and see what they happened upon. We usually spent the first bit of everything getting lost in the maze, and as soon as we'd hit one of the sign/map posts, we'd started heading somewhere specific.

It was miles and miles and miles of green corn that Jet got to see today. The path between the rows was just dirt and, depending on how well trodden it was, it was either hard and packed and easy for the stroller, or it was an upper body workout to get the darned thing through the soft dirt. Everyone took a turn or two, but my wrist made it very hard for me to wrestle the thing by the handle out of some of the ruts. I think I resprained the thumb tendon, the one that goes straight out and that the splint wasn't that good for and it aches whenever I do the wrong thing to it. I iced it when we got home, but I don't know how much of a help that's going to be.

Jet was great during the whole thing, and when we got home, he and I settled on the couch upstairs, while Bob, Mai and John went downstairs to watch some Marx Brother's DVD and drink the batches of beer that John had kegged earlier. It was cool down there, and nice and dark and Mai took advantage of that and took a nap while Bob and John laughed themselves silly. Jet fell asleep while eating, and I tucked him into our bed as my Mom and Dad got home from their trip. Mom went to take a nap as well, and I joined the guys in watching the movie for a while. That was nice and relaxing after the all body workout of the maze.

Dad had fun telling us about their trip, what they'd enjoyed, what they'd seen. They'd taken the big loop up into the park, gone to the visitor's center at the top where we'd gone with Genevieve as well as Johanna and her John. They hadn't climbed the stairs up to the top, but had puttered about the center and seen elk and the leftover snow from last year, and all the spectacular view up there. The heights had been dizzying, but really fun to see. They'd found a lake resort for their lunch and experienced pulled pork BBQ sandwiches. That was pretty cool.

Bob and Mai had things to do, still, so they went home.

When Mom woke up, we all had dinner and it was most leftovers. Dad had the last of the mole he'd gotten at Casa de Mina, Mom had the last of the spaghetti. John ate leftover taco salad stuff in burritos. I had the spaghetti that Mom couldn't eat, and John made a pan full of potstickers to fill in for anyone that didn't have enough food. I ate a few of those. That was a very simple and very good dinner, and it was satisfying to at least make the fridge a little less solidly packed.

The evening was pretty straightforward and we got to do our usual routines of walk, playing, and then Jet's final feed.

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