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September 1, 1999
two years ago

Nailing Down Reality

I finally got through it all. Whew.

I think I was scared, for most of last week, at the simple fact that I wasn't getting real coding done, that all I've been doing for the last week has been getting the damned build system to work. True, I wouldn't get any work done anyway, without it. And also true, one of my co-workers wouldn't get anything done without it. So it's not really like I was doing nothing, but it also looks like I'm really not going to hit one of our major milestones, what with my being out for surgery Friday and Monday being a holiday as well.

Painful stuff for me to confront. Worse yet I know the solution, too, which is just to tell everyone what I'm doing and what I'm not doing and that communication should be enough for people to plan around what will be there and what will not. So, at the engineering meeting I did just that. Surprised the hell out of me that they cheered me for tackling the hard problem, first, and then went on to ask everyone in the group to do the switching over that I've been doing.

Feel like a pebble starting an avalanche. Not a bad thing, now that I think it through.

Anyway. Doing the communication did the trick, and no one's upset at me for 'doing something else', and, in fact everyone's quite grateful that I got it all done. So that's good.

Didn't get it done, really, until well into the afternoon.

Lunch was just Safeway to get the prescription drugs for after the surgery. Which kinda scared me. Reality check. I'm going in Friday. After work we went to the hospital to make sure we knew what the layout was, where we had to be and where we were parking, going and checking in, and that was another good, solid, grounding mechanism. Though it also made me kinda more scared. Two days. Even went to the Noodle shop to see what there was; but none of it really grabbed my interest, so, instead, we went to the Ideal Market to get some Food.

I wanted steak. We got a half pound filet mignon, and as we walked through the frozen section, a tiramisu in a little plastic tub caught my eye. So I got that, too.

Home again home again. A co-worker, for letting her into the building with my badge, gave me a GIANT zucchini! You know the kind, the ones that hid under the leaves for a week and you never saw them when they were small, and suddenly there's a zuke almost as big a baby! Well, it's a good five pound zuke. So I chopped off about a pound of it and de-seeded it, peeled it, chopped it up into bite sized pieces. The steak got sliced in half. I started stir frying the zuke and when it was pretty transluscent I popped the steak halves into a hot pan. They pan fried while I got some corn into the stir fry pan as well. Stir stir stir. Steak flips. Then John did the garlic bread from a fresh loaf of bread. Yum. A good pinch of salt on the zuke and corn, and it was a very yummy, pretty light dinner.

A really, really, really cool thing happened today, after someone read here that I'd failed in my attempt at biscuits and gravy, she sent me very, very cool recipes for both!! So I'll get to try again sometime.

Alton did onion soup tonight, and it's close enough to my own recipes that I can probably modify it a bit for my tastes, but the basics were fun to learn and see. Everything from how to make the onions curl less to cheese alternatives to what kinds of liquids to put in instead of beef stock. Yum. Cognac.

I took a bath before going to sleep. No chance of preggers as I was just done with a nice, solid, period, so I just soaked in honeysuckle from one of my bath bombs. Sleep was deep and filled with dreams of onion soup, oddly enough.

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