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September 3, 2001
a year ago

Hospital and Bao

8:08 pm: Today was Mom and Dad's last day with Jet, and we tried to make the most of it, giving them as much time as they wanted with him as we could.

Breakfast was banana pancakes with turkey bacon, mostly because we could. Mom and Dad had never had the turkey bacon and were willing to try it, and they thought that making pancakes was too much work, but we were quick with it. John had a system down with two pans and big pancakes and lots of batter, and it worked out well. They enjoyed them a lot with plenty of the Grade B syrup and I also had some peaches and yogurt on mine as well. Might as well use some of the plain yogurt, and feed a little of it to Jet.

The notice came for the Boulder Community Hospital pump we've been renting since Jet was born, and we decided to return it today. It had to be done by tomorrow. Mom and Dad were pleased enough to come along and see the hospital that Jet was born in. We also had to get groceries to make bow tonight, as there were a few things I didn't have, ground pork, fresh ginger, and frozen spinach. So we thought we'd do all the trips at once, in Boulder.

First stop was the hospital. We were quite the procession, going in with Jet being carried in my arms, John had the pump and Dad had the video camera with Mom directing him. We went in, went up to the birthing center and returned the pump first. Jet got smiles from everyone behind the desk and he cheerfully smiled back. Then John, who had walked the hallways countless times, took us to the room where Jet was born and then to the room where we'd stayed the other nights. We got to see a newborn girl being photographed in the nursery. She was so small! But I remember how Jet was like when we had him on the photography table.

I am still amazed he's out.

Even more amazed that Jet's getting near the point where he'll have been out nearly as long as he was inside me.

Dad took shots of everything, which was kinda cool. We even got a group picture in front of the hospital's entrance. Someday Jet'll see that and think we were crazy.

From there we walked to the toy store, Pickles and Feathers, and found that they were closed on Labor Day. Such sadness. We had wanted to get Jet another bath toy, but were stymied by logistics. From there we headed to Ideal Market and got some of our groceries, but weren't able to find some basics like frozen spinach, lean ground pork (they only had really fatty stuff), and ginger that was worth getting. So we hit the Safeway in Longmont after taking Mom and Dad on a drive-by tour of the new plant. They'd never seen it, so it was a good opportunity to show them.

Safeway was a quick stop and then we went home. Mom had her nap. Dad stayed up with Jet and I and played with us. That was good.

John took a futile trip back to the Oak Express. The chairs that we'd found they'd said they had plenty of, but it turned out that they only had three. And when they brought the three to John, all of them were broken. That was very sad. So he decided not to buy them and came home empty handed.

Dinner was two experiments making bao from the dim sum recipe book I'd gotten a long time ago. The first dough was an eight hour rise with soda and baking powder mixed into the second dough that was worked in the first. The first dough's sourness was supposed to be enough to counteract the soda, but it's *hard* figuring out how much was enough and how much was too much, so the ones that came out were a bit yellow.

The second batch was made with just baking powder and a quick yeast rise. So that worked out really, really well. Both batches had better texture than when we just used yeast alone, so that was a success. Mom and Dad made the first batch while I was at CeLena's getting my massage, and John and I made the second batch while Mom and Dad played with and ever-crankier Jet. He just hadn't napped at all today, so he was just getting crankier and crankier, which boded badly for tonight.

Still, he did okay. Mom decided to give him one last bath, and I had fun taking pictures of everyone trying to fit into the upstairs bathroom and washing Jet again. Mom and Dad did great again, and Jet was clean and nestled in for his final feed. He fell asleep and was kissed good-night by everyone and he went to bed and everyone followed, since he was asleep. It's interesting seeing that happen. When the main attraction has gone to bed everyone else just went to sleep, too.

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