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September 7, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Getting It Done

7:57 pm: I am so glad today is Friday, and the Friday of even a four day week. I managed to do more than a day's worth of overtime this week, and I'm feeling it. Especially with Jet's crazy sleep schedule of the last couple of days. Last night he was up from 2-4 with gas and other general unhappiness. We don't know what went wrong, but something did and he was having a terrible time sleeping last night and it carried over through most of today.

Jet was nearly asleep when we took him over to Joan's, but he woke up and didn't sleep there at all. Then he looked like he was falling asleep while nursing on me when he got back home, but woke up screaming. Then again when John tried later as well. It wasn't until 3 that he finally went down for a nap on our bed that lasted more than ten minutes, and that nap went for a good two hour. He was much, much, much more cheerful after that.

I had been up at midnight, feeding him, then again at 2:40 when John had run out of ideas, and I tried getting Jet to sleep until 3:55 after feeding him. Then John took over, gave him Tylenol and Jet finally passed out until 6:50am. I got up and fed him then, again, and just stayed up with him while he played, until about 8 am. I woke John up then, and the three of us went into Erie to check out the new coffee shop.

It's a cool little place that used to be the pizza parlor that always ran out of toppings. The new owners sell coffee, espresso drinks, sandwiches, ice cream, intriguing salads, baked breakfast things, SF and F, and school supplies. Quite the combination. They're looking, in part, to be a high school hangout place that's safe and inexpensive and has good books. I like that as a target audience. Of course this morning it was filled with yuppies in business wear.

We brought Jet in and he looked around sleepily while we got our drinks. John only mentioned later that he hadn't heard me say the word 'decaf' when I was ordering. I realized, somewhat surprised, that I hadn't remembered it either, and, a little more worrying, hadn't deliberately left it out, either. I really could use the caffeine, too, and felt mildly more awake as I drank my drink. Yes, six hours of sleep is not enough, and, yes, it reminded me of old days of sleep deprivation followed by sugar and caffeine.

I needed it because I had a 9 am meeting that ran long. Bill asked, at 10:45, when I wanted to finish this, and I said at 1 rather than right then. Given that Bill had a meeting at noon, too, it gave him a little time for lunch beforehand. It also gave me the time to get Jet and get some lunch for myself.

It was actually cool when I went out to get Jet. It was in the 60's! Probably for the first time since May. It was also bright and clear out, a perfect, crisp fall day. We could see snow on the mountains, and behind them were an army of dark massed clouds. So suddenly and it'll be just as suddenly gone, tomorrow is supposed to bring snow within five hundred feet of altitude from us and then the next day is supposed to be in the 80's. Whew.

The meeting at 1 went to 3. John took great care of Jet while he worked. It really helps having John do that while he's home, when I have to do that Tuesday, part of Wednesday, and Thursday. He gets the Joan break, too, and so it has gotten quite a lot more fair than when I had to take care of Jet while I worked on Mondays and Fridays, too. John had to leave at 2:30 to do a scotch tasting with a bunch of guys at work, and Jet had gone to sleep on his sheepskin at 2. Sadly, before John was even out the door, Jet woke up yelling.

So I nursed Jet during the last part of the meeting. Luckily, most of the stuff I was interested in was already over, and they were just discussing what tradeoffs they weren't going to try to make. That's right. Marketing didn't think they wanted to try and do tradeoffs with too much stuff up in the air. But they were talking over all the items and wondering about what there was behind them. Boss Bill was marvelously succinct when he said, "Hey, don't ask us these questions, they're the ones we're asking you."

Jet ate solidly and this time fell solidly asleep on our bed afterwards. So I had two uninterrupted hours to chase down loose ends, ask people questions and get all the statuses changed to reflect the information I did get from various places. I basically did the work I was supposed to have done the last two weeks today. And I did it in seven hours in one day, nearly twice my usual allotment and it wouldn't have been possible without John. Whew.

I've been pretty depressed about all this the last two weeks. Part of the problem was that I wasn't even given a list of whom I could ask, though I'd asked three weeks ago for them explicitly from folks that were supposed to be in the know about all the other applications. It really helped, today, when I went patiently through the process that I had gone through with Jim and Bill, they said that I'd done what I could. That was amazingly good as a cure for my depression. Jim sent me to Jim's boss, and while we had our break between meetings, I wrote Arne and asked all the specific questions I could gather.

After the 1-3 meeting, Arne got back to me with 90% of the answers. Wow. That was so very cool. So I summarized everything for Bill, gave recommended statuses on everything, and hoped he'd get it before Jet woke up. He did. Bill got back to me at 5:30 and I was able to get a whole bunch of things resolved. That felt very good. It felt even better when Bill wrote to tell me that with my help he felt like we were in much, much better shape than we've ever been at this stage of the whole development process, and that Arnie, who is kind of his counterpart in marketing, felt the same way, too.

I'm glad it's done. I'm glad it's over, and I'm glad that one day's solid activity and focus could actually get me the solutions I needed.

Dinner was some of the bow we'd made with my Mom and Dad. The two hour dough with baking powder as well as the yeast turned out great. It didn't need sour dough or the careful balancing with the soda, and it tasted wonderful and had great texture. I pan fried them so that they were crispy on the outside, tender and soft on the inside. They were fast and easy and we ate them with basalmic vinegar and Chinese pickles. It was very simple and very comforting.

Afterwards, we went out on our walk into the clear, cool evening air. The sun was just setting over the mountains, under the on-coming clouds from the north. I put Jet into a rainbow sweater A.J. had made from him, and he played happily with the mittens that were threaded through the sleeves, gumming at the strand between them. He's big enough, already, for the sweater to be just a little small for him. He would probably never have left the mittens on if we'd put them on him.

The sky was magnificent. I think the big sky is just so much more spectacular when it's filled with jostling thunderheads from horizon to horizon, all that turbulence and chaos all beautiful in contrasted lights and darks. We did the short one and then the longer block and walked by the house that's under construction. The solid cedar tongue and groove house now has most of it's ceilings on, the rafters for holding the roof and insulation over the ceilings were getting put in place as well. Sadly, they don't have it all done, so if it rains and snows tomorrow, the interior is going to get wet, but that probably will all dry out a few days later. Easily.

Sparticus, the black lab, came out to bark at us until they called him off, and we went down to the cul de saq before coming back to them, as they came out of the house to talk with us. It turns out that the wife is an electrical engineer at Seagate, which was kind of cool, as she knew who Xilinx was and we could talk a little bit about it for a little while. They liked the fact that both of us were working at home with Jet. They admired Jet as well and he peered back at them and at their dog and smiled a lot. I was very glad he had his nap.

9:37 pm: We all enjoyed our walk, and on getting back home settled into our usual routine. John fed Jet blueberries and apples and apples and sweet potatoes, and I got to sit down and relax and write for a while. Even with the nap, Jet was pretty tired, and he spent the last fifteen minutes before bedtime just zonked in John's arms. He ate solidly off me, with a break for getting his room's air cleaned and changing him into a heavier sleeper and his overnight diaper. Last night, at 4, he got put into a heavier sleeper because the night had turned really cold and the house interior was pretty cold because of it. He was also given the dose of Tylenol and John also changed his diaper, which was pretty full by then. We're not sure which of the three things actually got him to sleep, but I wouldn't be all that surprised if it was all three.

I'm starting to believe that Jet's sleeping conditions all inter-relate, and it's multiple things that make it so that he can't sleep or that he can. Plenty of solids he doesn't have a problem digesting the day before, some rest but not too much, a massage to help with all the aches growing brings, some fun with new stuff to get a good workout but not so much it's overwhelming, and a non-stressed out parental set. They all seem to contribute to Jet doing well.

Given my mental state last night over what wasn't done, I wouldn't be at all surprised that his night time behavior reflected my own uncertainty and apprehension about today. Maybe tonight he'll also do the same. That would be nice, as I feel pretty good today. Tired, yeah, but that should only help me sleep, along with the longer walk we had.

I'm pretty amazed, though, that just three months ago, I don't think I could do the walk I was doing today. I would probably have been breathless with it. I felt really good about the exercise today, as well as everything else, so that's good, too.


Oh! Another bit of good news is that some guy on the East Coast decided that he really, really wanted the Green Monster. John decided, a while back, that he didn't have the time or attention to really restore the Green Monster well, and this guy was really interested in having the beast. So we got the cashier's check today, and John's sending back the Title and they're going to work out shipping arraignments.

I'm going to be a little sad to see the Carmichael conversion go, as it's truly a unique truck; but this also kind of feels like we're in the Land Rover rescue business. Buying trucks from owners that abuse them (remember, the Monster had had an owner that was abysmally uninformed about Rovers, he'd put brake fluid in the breaks that melted the seals, broke an axle, and shorted the whole electrical system), and then keeping them until we can find a good owner for them. We did that with the Jungle Crate, the camping truck with the ship's cabin, Borax, John's very first Land Rover, a red Range Rover, the two-door Range Rover, and several other trucks. Now the Green Monster joins the rescued and now treasured bunch of trucks. The trucks cost significantly more than a rescued dog, but we can leave them in the yard and ignore them nearly indefinitely, which we couldn't for a dog; still, sometimes, the emotional bits of a 'rescue' seem just as satisfying.

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