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September 8, 2001
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Screen-Dead Visor

10:12 PM: It was cold today, again. The jet stream from Canada pushed all the way down to us and it was blessedly cold today. It had been raining all night and there was snow in the peaks when we woke up this morning. I was wearing flannel shirt and sweat pants and it was sunny outside and only in the sixties or even the fifties all day!! That was very nice.

It was also totally cloudy when Jet woke up at 7:30, he'd only been up twice last night, so I was suitably grateful, and when John took him, I slept in until nearly 10. I haven't done well the last few nights on sleep, so it was really good to have had two nights in a row where I only had to get up twice, and then a long morning sleep-in was just what I needed. John had done relatively well the last few nights, so he was happy to take Jet this morning.

Jet wanted to eat at ten, so I fed him while John did the crosswords and then we had a pretty simple breakfast before heading off to Safeway and our weekly stocking up. We to the usual hundred dollars worth of stuff including a rather staggering twenty four jars of baby food. Gerber has a deal with Safeway to make coupons every time someone buys baby food of any type and they were not only having a sale on one of their kinds of baby food, but we had a coupon that gave us a dollar off if we bought sixteen jars. There were two other coupons for fifty cents of four jars and it's not like the stuff ever really goes bad. So we just really stocked up.

Sadly, while we were shopping and I was trying to decide between a couple things and which coupon to use of the eight we had for Gerber foods, I accidentally dropped my Visor Deluxe. I'd done that before, so I wasn't too concerned, but then when we were going to go on to the next thing in the list, the display only showed me straight vertical lines. Oops. Luckily, when I hit a button, the lines changed, so I think the guts are okay so I thought I could get my data off it, at least. Sadly, it really looked like the display was completely hosed.

I surprised myself and I wasn't too sad about it. Spilled milk, I guess, and it's now just done and gone and for some reason, today, I wasn't beating myself up over the accident. I just remembered that Kathy said that Handspring was good about replacing broken Visors for a very deep discount compared to a completely new unit, and that seemed to be enough. John was very supportive of getting the replacement because it's been really obvious that I've been using the Visor everyday for everything from recording Jet's every meal and waking at night to our grocery lists to being the constant nag about things like taking the garbage out and cleaning the house up for the maids.

It got me thinking about cost savings and all that. A hundred bucks for a week's worth of food is about seventeen dollars a day for all three of us to eat. That's pretty cool. It didn't hurt to have seventeen dollars' worth of coupons an in-store specials, so we saved that much with the specials and coupons we brought. That was pretty cool, too. A dollar here, a quarter there, and seventeen dollars is worth a whole day's worth of food for us. Yay!

When we got home, we straightened out the house and did a few chores and got ourselves some lunch. I had a cup of organic ramen, but it wasn't the brand Gretchen had recommended, sadly, and I didn't like it that much, but the noodles were comforting. John had nachos with guacamole, and I had a bit of that, too. That was very good.

Then I called Handspring to set up for the exchange. It's actually super easy, and I was glad that it was that easy, it's good business for Handspring to have people stick with their product, and so they make it super easy to do the 'repair'. I just called a 1-888 number with my credit card, they got my information, the CC number, and are sending me a replacement unit. When I get it and set it up and it works okay, I just send in my broken unit in the same packaging and I'm set. They charge me about half the cost of a new Visor, and we're done. I saw, on their site, a deal where they'll take half that money, even, and it's insurance against breakage for the coming year. Given how many times I dropped my Visor in the last year, that might be worthwhile.

Of course, I hadn't had it in its case this time, either, and the last few times it was fine when it dropped in the case, but that's not something I should be all that reliant on.

I then went upstairs and tried to see if I could back up all my data. Sure enough, it backed up just fine. I thought I was done then, but then I realized that I really needed to update this journal. While my mom and dad were here and my work deadline was looming so hugely, I was pretty remiss about writing regularly. Now that my Visor is dead, I might have more trouble updating regularly. We'll have to see how it works out and how much I can get our regular machine to work after Jet's asleep.

So I basically spent the afternoon writing like mad, only going down to nurse Jet and then feed him solids while John made enchilada casserole for dinner. It smelled really good. John was also great and held off a hungry Jet while I ate my dinner at supersonic speed. Then, after dinner we went out and walked.

God, it was cold out. A biting wind, and the sky was filled with jostling clouds all being set on fire by the sunset. It was gorgeous out. We had Jet in his heavy sleeper with a blanket wrapped around him and, as a last minute addition, the wool hat I'd made on his head. Jet kept trying to claw it off, to start, but I finally tied the tie under his chin and he left it alone when it was impossible to get off, even when he managed to pull the bow loose by gumming the strands of the tie while we were walking. On the way out we had the wind at our backs, on the way back to the house, we were right in the teeth of it, and only half way back Jet was crying from the cold.

We should probably have added a jacket to his ensemble. We'll have to dig that out. John cleverly turned the stroller around, so Jet had plenty of shelter from the wind and he stopped crying immediately and we got him safely home.

John started the gas fire to warm things up and they played while I went back and wrote like mad some more. I also got to talk with Kathy on her birthday, which was nice, but that ended abruptly when Jet announced that he'd like to nurse. Jet nursed gladly on the first side, but I could hear his nose was plugged on that side, so when I went to change his diaper into the overnight disposable, I had John help me hold Jet's arms while I cleared out Jet's nose. I didn't put too much water in to get the dry stuff to actually come out, so Jet actually didn't scream or cry all that much. He actually started blowing raspberries when he heard the booger chaser make the same kind of sound. That made me blink a lot.

But it definitely woke Jet up, and he was playing and fussing and clawing and pulling and he reached up towards my mouth and when I kissed his hand he reached and grabbed my teeth! Kind of like Sam examining Anne's teeth when she nursed him, but a bit more forceful. I had to pull away for a bit, and then he was picking at my shirt, at me, and other stuff as well. He was just really awake, and he drank the formula that John offered and then was really, really hard for John to get to go to sleep.

Jet got up again at 10:30, and this time I got the job of putting him back to sleep and it just took a while to do. It was good to not have to nurse him to sleep, and I could just cuddle him and rock with him until he was limp and breathing deeply and evenly and I put him down and he cuddled into the bear that Carla, Rick and Limarick gave him and he went to sleep again. Whew.

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