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September 10, 2001
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Fezzik's Birthday

8:13 PM: Today was Fezzik's birthday. It was a pretty normal day, all in all. I had two meetings. John worked downstairs for most of the morning, but then was upstairs for most of the afternoon, and he did a lot of Jet care while I was working and meeting and stuff. He made tuna fish sandwiches for lunch and took good care of the both of us. That was nice. Good to get the time and I was happy enough to give John some breaks when I wasn't working and I could nurse and play with Jet.

Jet was up, effectively, once last night, in that we weren't back to sleep when he woke up again. I fed him around 2, and when he woke up again John put him back to sleep and that's, really, all we heard from him until 7 this morning. That was very nice indeed. He also got a nap in right after going to Joan's, so he was very cheerful all morning and most of the afternoon. He only got really cranky late in the evening because he was so tired.

We had a quick dinner of the Hormel Beef Roast Au Jus, which turns out to be really good. It's not particularly salty, the meat is very tender and the au jus is very flavorful and nice. The presentation's a little funny, but the product seems very simple and plain and not gussed up to be something it's not. It's just cooked meat with the natural juices, so it could be the quick basis to a lot of very interesting meals. It's not too fat, either, and very simple when we just wanted to heat and eat it. Four minutes in the microwave was all it took. I did oven fries with mild garlic, salt, pepper, and olive oil and we dipped those in the au jus. That was really simple and really good with some nuked green beans.

After dinner the three of us went in the Passat to Dairy Queen. Joan said that at eighteen pounds, she turned Haley and Alex around in their seats since they could sit up. So we turned Jet around and he was totally excited about being able to see out the front of the car. He talked to us pretty much the whole way there. I had to hold a hand up to shade his eyes when we were headed west, but other than that, it was pretty cool to be able to look at him and have him see us.

We went into the Dairy Queen and got our ice creams and sat at the counter by the window and had fun remembering Fezzik. We told Jet all kinds of Fezzik stories. He ignored most of them while trying to make a grab for John's Butterfinger Blizzard; but it was good to be able to tell him about the really big, furry brother he never met. Jet bounced and talked, and was all excited at the whole concept. We watched the sun go down and finished our ice creams and said our thanks.

Then we headed into Safeway to get some sandwich bread and a few other things that I had coupons for, including a new toothbrush. It's been a while since I got a new one and since John just got to see a dentist here in Erie, I'll have to get a check up soon, too. Jet was very happy to be able to sit in the seat of the grocery cart. He could see so much compared to being in his old car seat, and he would smile and wiggle at anyone that smiled at him. I was pretty impressed that he was so quiet through the whole deal of wandering through the place again.

John was cool, the other night, and after I'd broken my Visor at Safeway, he'd been very supportive of me getting my replacement. On top of that, he had listed all the cool things that I'd be getting with the new unit. No more cracked case, no more black dots in the left side, and the IR port would probably work without a hitch. Those were all things that were broken in my old Visor. I just hadn't really minded them or missed the broken bits because I didn't use them that much. Still, it would be cool to be able to beam things with my sister when she comes to visit.

I also realized that I had nearly everything for chili, but the chili powder, so when we got home I ordered some chili powder from Penzey's. The big chuck roasts we got a while back would be really great rough chopped for chili and slow cooked for tenderness. And with the new, cooler temperatures, it would be nice to have chili. I got some black beans and kidney beans for the mixture, as I really like beans in my chili.

Jet was grumpy and mad and loud when we got home. John sat him down to feed him, then remembered and changed his diaper when he wouldn't settle down to eat. After a big drink of water, Jet finally settled down to eat. Perhaps he'd been so hungry that the volume of water in his stomach finally turned off the 'I'm starving' switch enough that he could settle down and eat for sure. He sucked down beef and carrots along with apples and sweet potatoes. He didn't seem to like the beef and carrots to start, but later he was eating it happily. After all that he played with John while I wrote a bit

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