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September 10, 1999
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Dizzy Day

My ears are ringing a bit.

Actually got a lot of little things done today to allow other things to happen, which felt pretty good; but the toll's been a bit tougher to take than I thought. My body really doesn't like this healing while working stuff. Good thing the weekend is so close. John's promised that if I want to sleep during Fezzik's party that I can. Carl's mantra about being grown up and it being okay to go off by myself if I need to is pinned up where I can see it when I need to. That is a good piece of writing on his part.

Did stuff. Yay! *I* did *stuff*. Including playing a bit with the Fiat folks, fixing a lot of small problems, getting a lot of communication and information to a lot of people that needed it and gradually building stuff so that I can actually debug things without a problem. That's been harder to coordinate than I really liked. But it got done, so that's progress.

Tired. Grumpy. Went with Cary and John to Efrain II's for lunch and had chile rellenos that were marked extremely mild on the menu and were hot enough to make me do fish faces for a bit, in portions. The rest was very, very nice, and cleared out my sinuses but, afterwards, my ears started ringing. Not a terrifically reassuring kind of thing.

I lasted through working through some installation problems, and lasted through some play and lasted through some work and lasted through getting things finally and thoroughly built and lasted through someone else doing some debugging and getting me to test the results. All to the good. Carl wrote me good letters about DunDraCon, October, and fun. Cera talked over OryCon with me and October. That was very nice. We'll see how that goes.

But I'm still dizzy. So I should probably sleep in the back of the Land Rover on the way to Costco...


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