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September 19, 2001
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George and Isabel Arrive

6:49 pm: A busy day today, I actually went into work this morning while John stayed home with Jet. We found out that John's Mom and Dad were on for their flight, so the plan was go to get them at 1. Since I had a meeting at 1, I had to tell Boss Bill I couldn't make it.

Breakfast was at a breakneck pace so that I could get Jet nursed and then get off to work. It didn't help that Jet had, somehow, figured out my stress over work and over the simple reality of having people coming to stay and was up three times last night and was totally inconsolable when John tried to get him to go to sleep at midnight. I had to get up and feed him that time and I just gave up and nursed him the other two times as well and he still got up and started playing at 6.

I am totally convinced, now, that Jet's a sleep vampire. Sucks the sleep right out of me and he uses it to get up at ridiculously early hours.

Still, John was great. He did a wonderful job of taking care of Jet and got me off to work in plenty of time. The morning meeting was as usual with some of the additions from the announcement yesterday coming in to see what was useful to them. My one on one was kind of flat mostly because Bill was really burnt out from the previous weeks and I was still half asleep. He was fine with me taking this afternoon off and he already had a meeting agenda planned that would probably no involve me. There's a ton of stuff that I have to do, but that's okay. I should be able to do it the next few days.

Home again, home again, and I got home in plenty of time to start some frozen pizzas in the toaster oven while John was in a meeting and Jet was asleep in the bedroom. Jet stayed asleep while both John and I worked a bit more, while we ate, and then I finally had to wake him up to feed him before our trip to the airport. Jet as sleepy enough that he ate really steadily and I was really glad of that later.

We had to stock the house up a little for meals, so we planned on going to the grocery store after picking up John's parents. So we brought along our grocery bags, a list on my new Visor and a whole set of coupons for stuff we might get. Jet cheerfully played with the grocery bags as we wended our way to DIA.

I swear the road work was following us. I-25 was closed, it turned out that a tanker had rolled on I-25 going south, so the whole thing had been closed from Erie all the way to the usual airport exit trying to keep cars out of the mess and to allow room for cleanup. We got lucky, spotted the congestion and got off and went a far more convoluted route that ran into two more bits of construction and we had to detour around those as well.

Finally we just decided to hop onto the 470 toll road right into the airport. That, at least, was smooth sailing, and we got there just about on time. Close enough that when we went through the passenger pickup area and the policeman stopped every single car to tell them that they couldn't stop unless they actually saw the passengers they were supposed to pick up, that we went around to park in the garage.

It was ghostly. The garage was half empty. The cheap lots were half empty and they're usually completely full, especially on business days, because all the savvy business travelers would take advantage of the $4 a day rates and the super close proximity to the airport proper. There was nearly no traffic in the ordinary run areas around the ticketing and pick-up. When we went to the parking garage we were stopped by three policemen who actually opened the back door and trunk of the car ahead of us and peered in to them. They only said hi to John and when they saw Jet in the back seat they just waved us on.

It was weird. It was like they did spot checks but only of people they thought they should? Rather than checking everything or everyone. Intrusive enough to make everyone a bit more paranoid, but not so much as to be completely effective.

So we went in and spent a while getting Jet dry, using the bathrooms and finding the baggage claim area as John had told them that we would meet them at the baggage area. Turns out they'd gone directly to the passenger pick-up instead of even really checking the baggage area. Eventually we spotted George at a half job coming part of the way to us, as we were at the baggage claim at the very end, which was the one their luggage would have come to if it had come, and he was half jogging away from us, so there was no way we could catch up with Jet in tow.

Finally we just stopped at the exit for our car's parking area and waited for George to come back to us. He did. He then went and got Isabel while John set Jet up under the sign at the top of the escalator. It was a very good greeting.

We all piled into the car with all the luggage and headed to Biggs Hyper Market. Jet fell asleep on the trip over, but since he was in the new car seat we had to wake him up to get him out for the grocery store shopping. If there hadn't been so much to get, I had been tempted to just stay in the car and nap with Jet, but as it was we pretty much had to take him with us. We got everything on the list and a few more things for dinner. Jet was both intrigued and a little shy of these two new people. He was a little unsure of the very energetic grandpa who was whirling him around in the grocery cart. It didn't help that he was so tired to start.

And then he got truly hungry as well. He was half crying a lot of the way home, though grandma and grandpa were able to distract him some all the way home. He got to eat when he got home, but he was so wound up that he was just everywhere. Even when I took him into our bedroom he was just distracted by everything. Of course, by eating sporadically he got a lot of air, and when he spit up he spit up big.

But he did manage to calm down a little. He also spent a lot of the evening playing with his grandparents and his dad while I worked a bit upstairs. They all made dinner, and just before it was done, I went down and nursed Jet for a while. This time he really did want to eat, but we didn't have the time to give him a complete meal. He did, however, calm down considerably, and when we put him in his high chair, he was very quiet and just observed and played with his toys.

That made for a very peaceful dinner. Jet made up for it afterwards by being really active for playing after dinner and then with grabbing everything within the sweep of his arms during dessert. We finished most of the apple cake. I kept just a little to eat with my ibuprofen and served the rest. It was better with a little rest, the cake had softened up a bit, and the cream had definitely taken on the apple fragrance. We all had some herbal teas to go with dessert, and I had the Bengal Spice.

10:00 pm: After dessert, they played with Jet for a while as I wrote, and then I nursed Jet his last time. George and Isabel went to sleep early as they were going to be up early to take care of Jet. They were also tired from the whole thing they went through to get here.

Turns out that the security that they came through actually felt looser to them than it had been before. There was no hand search of their bags, there weren't extra guards to check on them as they got into the airport. They hadn't checked anything, so they hadn't had to go through the hours' worth of lines at the front desk. The metal detector passed them with stuff that they had sometimes had problems with before. It had unsettled them a little, as they had expected much more methodical and intensive security and, instead, had met up with sporadic security for them.

Then again, they're an old, white couple with perfect English. So the very cynical side of me says that of course no one would worry about them. Real securities would worry about young men with uncertain English, traveling in packs.

Ah well.

Anyway... I'm glad that they're here and they're safe and that things went just fine for them, despite all that they and we were told.

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