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September 20, 2001
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Dinner Roulette

8:28 pm: I had a very productive day today. Jet got up twice last night and ended up staying awake at 6 am. I fed him, hoping he'd go back to sleep, but he didn't. Luckily, by the time I had changed Jet, George was up and took Jet to play with him and Isabel in the morning. So they just took him and John and I got to sleep in until 8:30. That was very welcome.

Then they pretty much took him as much as possible during the day. I got a good five hours in and managed to not only solve one major mystery of correlated data but also had three different web sites up to try and get things to match and point at each other. We have one database for bugs and another database of all the things everyone is doing in all our products for the upcoming release. The trick is trying to get one set of data to point to the relevant bits of the other set. I spent most of today trying to put all the pointers in place now that the pieces that we're in charge of for the coming release have mostly gotten defined.

So I juggled cheerfully while I had the brain to do so. It was very nice to have the brain for a while.

Jet was really happy all day. He was relatively quiet, played happily with his grandparents, had a great time during a very long walk with them in the morning, and in between he watched the garage going up happily.

The garage is going great guns. The entire frame is up, including all of the roof supports. If they get it inspected tomorrow, they'll be able to move on to putting up the siding, the roofing and everything else. I am amazed at how quickly it's going. Two days ago it was just holes in the earth. They said that it would take just a week. Wow.

The neighbors to the west of us asked what it was. John had fun saying that it was his garage and work shed. We had a good long visit with them, and the lady loved how much bigger Jet was. They also had some really good ideas for where to go to get a good look at the turning leaves. They're all going gold now in the mountains, so we're probably going to take Monday off and go look at them with John's parents.

Dinner changed a few times today. I originally thought about having spaghetti, but then John called from work and said that he had to drop by Safeway anyway, so was wondering if he should get sweet corn for our dinner. I told him that the chicken leg quarters were really cheap, and that he might as well get some of those along with the corn and we'd grill the whole mass. And so we did, with some hickory chips, soaked and smoking with everything else. It made quite a good dinner, and we had it with salad and bread that George had made when I asked him to use the bread machine to make some bread for spaghetti.

Jet was great during dinner again, eating Cheerios and dropping a lot of them into his lap. He played with a toy connected to his chair with the ribbon and clips and basically had a good time. Eventhough he was tired, he played with everyone after dinner and stayed good all the way to the last minute, when he was supposed to eat anyway, and he fell right to sleep while eating again.

So I will hope.

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