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September 18, 2001
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Doing Well

7:27 pm: I did a lot better today than I thought I was going to do, what with having to take care of Jet all day rather than having Joan. A lot of it was due to Jet actually napping for three hours straight in the early afternoon. Add to that a meeting where I didn't really have to do all that much during the meeting and I did really well on my work time.

The morning was a little crazy. Jet got up at 12:45 am and then slept through until 5, which was when Paul got up to go to the airport. So I threw on a robe and went up to Jet's room and just fed him there. He fell asleep while eating and I was able to just set him back into his crib and I went back to sleep myself. I could hear Paul moving around and John got up at 6:30 to an alarm. He and Paul had some time before Paul left at 7.

Jet didn't really get up until after 7. John said that he could just hear Jet playing in his crib. Lots of yelling and stuff going on, but none of it sounded as if Jet was in distress. When John went up to see Jet, sure enough, Jet was wrestling with the giant Whoozit and his stuffed bear and peered over his shoulder at the interruption. John brought Jet down and the next thing I hear is Jet just screaming. I got up, but without a swearing John, I figured it was okay.

Sure enough, Jet had lunged for his plastic cow toy (which moo's and plays The Farmer In The Dell) and whacked it with his nose and eye. He whacked it hard enough that he started crying pretty hard and got a gash on his nose. Jet already has left a few scratches on his nose, so John's been cheerfully calling Jet 'Scar Face' today. Between the bumps, bruises, scratches, and bug bites, Jet has quite the collection, now.

I fed Jet, and then John took Jet out to see the post hole digger at work while I got to take a bath. The guys that are going to build John's garage are here, and they walked the area with John and the job that John and I had done of wire witching got explained. Our contractor was open to that, said that it wouldn't work for him and the wires didn't. But he believed enough in it to move the foundation boundaries by a foot to miss both wires that we had marked, and they started digging the holes for the posts that will hold up most of the structure.

I was really sore from the massage last night. I usually do a salt bath as soon as I can afterwards, but things were so busy last night that I didn't get a chance. So John made the chance for me this morning. I drew the bath, poured in scented Dead Sea Salt and a double handful of Epsom salts as well. I then got in the hot water and soaked and nearly floated in the salt water. It was very, very nice. It really did leech out a lot of the fatigue acids in my muscles. That was very nice.

When I got out, I scrounged a breakfast of my anti-inflammatory, yogurt, and a piece of the Dutch apple cake. I also heated myself a mug of chai and ate happily. Yummy breakfast, while Jet and John played. then John left for work.

Jet and I played. I fed him solids, and then I tried nursing him again. He fell asleep while nursing, but the moment I tried to put him down he woke up screaming. So we went upstairs and I let him play while I worked. I set him down in the middle of the floor and he started to travel around to play with the things that caught his eye. At one instant, I looked down and he was headed right for all the cables behind the desk, and I had to fish him out from under there and set him down elsewhere. I thought it was far enough away and I then heard him by the door as he started chewing on the noise maker. Then two minutes later I felt a thump at the foot of my chair. It was Jet trying to get the wheel of the chair into his mouth. Eek. I couldn't believe he'd made it that far that quickly.

He and I stayed up there until about noon. I kept playing with him between emails and figuring a few things out. Then, at noon, I took him downstairs and we tried nursing again. This time he fell asleep and stayed asleep. I was able to tuck him into our bed and he stayed asleep.

I made myself some lunch. I took the leftover roast beef and au jus out of the fridge. I cut up the meat, then put a teaspoon of butter and two teaspoons of flour into a saucier. I cooked the flour until it smelled nutty. Then I poured in the leftover juice. It wasn't quite enough to make a good gravy, so I added a splash of milk. I thought it was too big a splash, but after it simmered for a little while, with the meat in it to warm it up as well, it thickened nicely. I then made a cup of instant potatoes and poured the beef and gravy on top. It was a very comforting lunch. Creamy and the beef was very tender and I loved the mashed potatoes. It was yummy and good.

Best of all Jet didn't wake up while I was making it. So I ran upstairs with my lunch and a big glass of iced green tea with honey in it. I ate while I plowed through things at a huge rate, and it was good. When I was done with that I kept going and started going writing stuff I needed to do for work, and then at 1:15, I got an email from Boss Bill that we were having a sudden meeting at 2. I was lucky that I was reading my email, so I sent back an email saying, "Okay, call me for it, please?" So they did.

Jet didn't wake up for the whole of the meeting, either. He slept for three hours straight. When I started my 3 o'clock meeting, I heard Jet waking up. I got him, changed him and then we settled in to nurse while the meeting went on. Turns out that our product is the number one priority for the company, and the meetings were mostly about shelving a few projects that were further out and lending all the engineering resources to us. With the way the economy is going, the company is letting attrition bring our numbers down, and with that we're losing engineering gradually. So our upper management is looking at what it is we want to focus on and concentrating what we have left on the things that are important to the business of the company. I think, in some instances, the pay cuts everyone is taking is making the attrition happen a little faster; but the great good thing is that between the cuts and the attrition we aren't having any layoffs.

It's also really cool that they're acknowledging the losses and figuring out what to do that will make a difference to our business. I am really glad of upper management that has a clue. So we're getting resources. Of course it does mean a bit more management hassle to figure out what to do with them and how to train them so that they can be effective in our code; but it will still mean we can do something more. It shouldn't be a net loss from having to spend all that time just shepherding the new folks.

So I was in meetings until 4, which was when John appeared. He took Jet and I was able to mess with stuff for nearly two more hours, with a half hour break to feed Jet one more time.

At 6 I went down and started steaming dinner. Dinner was some of the bao and some of the sticky rice bundles that Mom and Dad had brought us. While it steamed, I fed Jet again. He fell asleep while eating, which surprised the heck out of me, after that three hour nap. He woke up while I tried to put him down, so we left him up and I had to calm him down a little, first. Then we tucked him in his high chair to be with us while we ate. He liked that.

He liked the walk after dinner even more. Though he didn't like having to wear a jacket out in the cool evening air. It was pretty cool and a little windy out, so we put a jacket on him and he kept trying to pull it off him, especially the hood. Finally we took the hood off him and let him just look around like normal. That made him much happier. We brought along one of his chew toys and he experimentally tossed it over the side, several times. I think he's getting to the stage of tossing them over experimentally now, instead of just losing control of his holding them.

When we got back, we started watching the video that Mom and Dad sent. It was all the video they'd taken for both trips they made out here and the trip we made to San Diego. It's amazing to look back. It's just astonishing to see how small Jet was, all the differences between then and now. Like for the trip to San Diego, when I was pumping several times a day, how tied and drunk Jet was when he was full.

The sound levels he used to make were so different. How little control Jet had of his head and hands and legs. How short his hair was, the thinness of his arms and legs, and how uncoordinated he used to be. He is so much more in charge of his own body now. It amazes me how much of a difference a few months make. It's funny to see when it was a big deal when he could actually hit something with his hand when he was aiming at it. Astonishing how cool his first smiles were. To have him smile at someone on purpose was a big deal.

It's so fun and also so strange. Jet's so different from months ago and even different from just three weeks ago. He's now so much more coordinated, and he has better control of his whole body. I've never observed a child growing up so closely and continuously before, and seeing the changes and improvements even week by week or sometimes day by day is just fascinating.

Jet played with his elephant 'hat' happily while we watched, occasionally, he would watch himself as well, bemused by seeing himself on the screen. He did get bored of it eventually, enjoying playing with John or with his spoon.

I nursed him for his final nursing, clearing his nose out between bits. John changed him and then I swapped him and we watched more of the video. Jet fell deeply asleep while I watched and John took Jet upstairs when we were done.

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