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September 4, 2002
two years ago

I'm Sick But There's Good Food

10:25 am: Well, now I'm sick. But Joan was able to take Jet, so I'm at work.

9:55 pm: For all that Jet had a happy evening yesterday, he did not have an easy night. He was up pretty much every two hours. I think that's his sleep cycle and something was bugging him all night. At first I think it might have been his full-coverage PJs as he hasn't had full-coverage for months and months. He got a bit too hot, I think, and we finally got them off him. He also had his cold, which was stuffing up his nose, and possibly a bit of a fever. So by the three or four am feeding, I gave him Tylenol along with the Dimetapp and he finally slept form then until a bit after 6.

He only slept for twenty minutes at Joan's, and then only for an hour while I made dinner. I'm amazed he stayed on his feet and played in his bath like crazy. Either this cold is going away faster than any cold I've ever seen, or it's just Jet being like John and I, ignoring our colds when we have something more interesting to do.

Like... um... work.

I worked. I did lots of good stuff today. I am learning about Use Cases, getting good data on our integrations, and talking with people It's been fun.

Lunch was at Lucille's. Creole goodness. Lots of red beans and rice, in a huge pile that will likely feed me for a few days.

I had two meetings in the afternoon, and they were both shorter than their hour allotted time. They were cut short. I got to work. I wrote stuff. I'm happy.

Dinner was slices off the loin roast over onions and potatoes. Lots of nice caramelization, but I over cooked the 'chops' while trying to make sure they and the potatoes were cooked. We liked it anyway.

The peaches arrived from Harry and David's a couple days ago, and they've ripened up nicely. Their skins are different, denser and smoother, almost like apricot skins rather than the peach skins of the local, Colorado peaches. Intriguing. Juicy, sweet, and tasty, they may get even better with another day or two and more of my nose actually working. John and I each had one for dessert. John cut his in half and gave one half to Jet who ate into it with both hands for a while. Then he started rubbing it all over his chest, face, and even his ear. I guess it felt good. It was part of what prompted Jet's bath tonight.

Jet had such a fun bath I may follow his example and take one for myself. I ache. My body aches, my head aches, my eyes ache, my sinuses ache, and my nose is starting to chap. It'll be good to feel better.

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