Liralen's Adventure Through Life
September 2002
  2: Getting Enough Sleep
  3: Sick, Pizza-Eating Baby
  4: I'm Sick, But There's Good Food
  5: American Stir Fry
  6: Sleepless Night and a TV Monk
  7: Garage Sale and Pho
  8: Jet and the Bad Dogs
  9: Conservation of Sleep
10: Jet and Hot Food
11: An Ordinary Day
12: Spilt Milk, Sakura's, and Haircuts
13: Lunch at Work
14: Bagels Hot From The Oven
20: Washed Week and Erie Homecoming
21: Adventures in Asian Food
22: Spices, Herbs, and Other Food Stuff
23: Short Nap and a Good Lunch
24: Unhappy Night and PF Chang's
25: Donating Blood, Naps for Mom, and Cooking at Home
26: Sleep Tradeoffs
27: Sometimes Jet's Just Full Of It
28: Big Party With the Old Redmond Folks
29: Waffles, the Mall, and Jet's Sick Again
30: We're All Sick, Now

This was a month mostly made up of being sick, taking care of a sick Jet or John, and being mildly unhappy about it all. We did make it up in good food, and ended up with a really great party with visiting friends from Redmond. It was nice to have September 11th be an ordinary day this year.

Part of the cool food was the discovery that homemade bagels are really good. Jet's getting more and more articulate, capable, and expressive with each day and getting into more and more stuff.

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