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September 3, 2002
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Sick, Pizza-Eating Baby

Jet's sick. He's sneezing like crazy and blowing his little nose on anything and everything he can. Poor little guy. He actually was pretty cheerful at Joan's, and John got him at 11. Instead of going to sleep, Jet decided to just play.

I got home at 12:20, nursed him and put him to sleep at 12:45. I then went to CeLena's for my massage as I had a 5 o'clock meeting. I also had a 3 o'clock, but that one got cancelled, and I was glad of it when I came home from CeLena's and found John and Jet in the rocking chair watching Baby Mozart. Jet had woken up crying and had stayed crying for a good half an hour, again. John just did whatever he could, and Jet was just so sad his long eyelashes all clumped up with all the tears he had. It made John very sad.

I snuggled Jet up and nursed him and he was much more content after that. You could hear his stuffed up head, every time he spoke, yelled, or cried. He was sneezing a lot and his nose ran a lot, and he was great about blowing his nose when we held a tissue up to his nose. I am glad he knows how to do that. It certainly made it easier to clear his nose out and let him breathe.

He was happy after that and was great with both John and I. He had only had a 40 minute nap before he'd woken up so unhappily, and he had another 40 minute nap before dinner. I took him out with me to Mug-n-Pye to pick up one of their combos. John had requested pizza, and he wanted their special sausage on it, at least. So I just ordered a large combo and Jet and I went to pick it up.

I was a little apprehensive about juggling a pizza, a checkbook, and Jet; but it turned out that I paid first, while keeping one eye on and adventurous Jet who wanted to explore the CD juke box. I was able to put the checkbook away after that, and just keep an eye on Jet. He scrambled back to me when he noticed other people looking at him.

Three teenage boys were just hanging out there and they were talking in somewhat crude terms about each other and their friend behind the counter. They were bugging a couple of the girls making pizzas and one girl who was making deliveries. They weren't particularly polite. When they saw Jet, however, they all started cooing at him and trying to get him to smile. That was pretty cool, though it didn't last all that long. Still it was fun to see that they all had another side to them.

When I did get the pizza, I found that even with Jet in one arm, I could hold it with the other pretty easily. So I took them both to the car. While I was strapping Jet in he was leaning towards the box and saying, "Mine! Mine! Mine!!" So I reached in and pulled out a chunk of crust and handed it to him. He sat back happily and started munching. Unfortunately, I didn't give him enough to last him the whole way home. For the last three miles he was yelling, "Mine! Mine! Mine!" and wailing when he couldn't get to the box.


We made it home eventually. Jet then instantly dove into a slice of pizza and ate nearly all of it before John and I even got started. He then sat in my lap and munched at all the pepperoni he could find on my pizza. I guess we should get more of their pizza more often. Jet loved it and ate like crazy. I was very impressed, and he spent the whole evening being cheerful, energetic, and happy.


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