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September 5, 2002
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American Stir-Fry

I took my bath last night and was mildly unhappy with the fact that I didn't get to sleep until after 11, again. Grump.

I am sick today, still. It's a nasty nose and head cold, but I felt pretty good, all in all. I had a good time with work, Jet actually slept for an hour and a half for his nap for the first time in a long time. I got to work pretty well, then, too, though I probably should have slept.

It was good, though, that I felt completely not guilty when I just took the afternoon to play with Jet and just be with him and enjoy him.

We ate a leisurely lunch, wandered outside for a while discovering rocks, swinging on the swing, and then wandering about a bit. Then we came back inside and colored, watched cartoons together, and wrestled. We drank lots of juice, snuggled up and read some, and then John came home.

I worked a little more, more for form's sake than anything and then made an American stir fry for dinner. It was the last of the pork roast, a bunch of vegetables that needed to be dealt with, and the brown short-grain rice. It resembled no Chinese dish that I know of, other than in the spices and marinade for the pork. I just stir fried red peppers, onions. green onions, sliced green beans, cabbage, and reconstituted shitaki mushrooms. I cooked each vegetable until they were done. I then stir fried the julienned and marinated pork, and then mixed everything together with some chicken broth, soy, and sesame oil. It was yummy, fragrant, filled with interesting textures, and entirely American.

It cleared out a chunk of the fridge, too. We ate well, and Jet ate a bunch of the rice, but that was about it. His appetite hasn't been good with the cold since the pizza. Or maybe it's just that he likes pizza so much. Maybe I need to make him more pizza.

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