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September 6, 2002
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Sleepless Night and a TV Monk

9:19 pm: Jet had probably the worst night he's ever had last night. Not only did he get up every hour, but he stayed up for an hour at a time with John and with me. I finally just slept on his futon with him and he woke up three times, and went back to sleep several of those times with just a touch or my voice. There were two times he didn't, though, and one time when ever nursing didn't comfort him at all.

He had some gastronomic distress this morning, though, at Joan's, which probably explains at least part of the night, along with his nose and his cold and everything else, it kind of makes sense in that he had a reason for it all. Still, he was up all morning at Joan's, playing steadily. He even played while we were there. He did go right to sleep on the way home, instead of nursing and he napped for an hour and a half.

Jet did, also, go to sleep early tonight. John followed him. I'm only up because I got an afternoon nap and my nose is bugging the heck out of me. I'm well past being contagious, so I'm not worried about tomorrow and working at the OUR center. Also, seeing what kind of shape Jet is in today, I think I'll probably do okay tomorrow. It's not like he got any extra sleep through all this, either.

Work was a little hard. I had to concentrate during the 1:1 and there was a meeting that I thought was at 2, but was at 3, and everyone napped when Jet was napping today. I cut it off to be done at 2, but found out about the delay. Jet woke up soon after, though, so I was ale to nurse him when he got up. That improved his outlook on life immensely. I'm glad of that.

Joan started the garage sale today, and when she went to pick up Alex, John and I watched the garage sale for her. It was quiet work. We got to sit under a tree, on the lawn, and just be for a while. Jet and Haley ran happily around on the lawn with Jet chasing her, and they had a great time. Jet slept well when we did go home, an hour later than usual.

Today was hot. It was in the high nineties even though the afternoon clouded over. So dinner was just bowls of leftovers taken to the basement. Jet played and played and rolled around on the lambskin rug. He also ate a few bites of food, but all day he hasn't been eating all that much, though he's been drinking a lot. He had a few bites of ice cream but it wasn't the usual voracious, "Mine!" he usually has with the stuff.

Given his stomach problems, I can see why.

We stayed downstairs because it was cool. We found Monk on the TV, and it was the pilot! John stumbled on this series that's about this detective who's turned clinically obsessive compulsive after his wife's murder. He's trying to make a recovery, but he has a slew of phobias and compulsions. The pilot was a two-hour introduction to how he gets back to working with the force, and it was really fun to watch.

I've rarely seen a TV hero so handicapped by his problems Usually when they have flaws on a TV hero they're things that can be brushed off. Monk is so deeply flawed it's interesting to see his interdependence with his side kick nurse who does all the things for him that he can't. Normally, the sidekick is Robin-like in that the hero would be better off without them, but with the nurse, there's definitely stuff he needs for her to do and be for him.

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