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September 7, 2002
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Garage Sale and Pho

Most of today was taken up with Joan's Garage Sale. John and Jet went there when I went into Longmont to work at the OUR center with the rest of the First Congregational Crew. They just made sloppy joes, green beans, watermelon, a few condiments, and a dessert. I had fun getting everything together.

I joined them at Joan's and then ran off to get chicken wings for everyone at the Wing Hut. When I got back everyone dove into the wings, though the kids ate far more French fries than wings. The celery sticks, on the other hand, fascinated Jet, and the blue cheese and ranch dressing. He dipped half a dozen sticks into the stuff and then started eating them. It surprised me as there were fries all over the place, and he ignored them for the celery sticks.

Funny guy.

We then stayed there and talked, helped with a few sales, and got to meet more of Joan's neighbors. Jet got grumpy around three, and I nursed him and he went to sleep but wouldn't let me put him down in his seat. So I just sat in their big rocking chair and watched their TV until he woke up again. Around four a thunderstorm wandered into the area and I saw John, Joan, and Ray just flying around and getting everything into the garage.

So it's over. Joan was talking about grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, and being too tired to do much. I couldn't stand sitting and watching more TV, so we went out.

There was an Asian market that Bob told me about several weeks ago. I thought it would be fun to try and find it. We had a general location, but I'd left the map at work and didn't know exactly what to do about finding it. So we just left and hoped for the best. There was a Low's market in the same general vicinity, so at least there was something if we didn't find it on Federal and 36.

We didn't find it. But we did find a Pho 97, which is the name of the place in Denver that our Vietnamese friend said was very good. We went pretty far down Federal and didn't find a good market, and finally went back to Low's and wandered around. There wasn't really good stuff, but I bought a few things that I could use at home, including a bag of beautiful bean sprouts. It put the sprouts at Safeway to shame, they were so plump and white and firm and perfect. I was very glad to have found them, as they'll be great in phad thai. John and I had even remembered a cooler and we tucked them in there before hitting Pho 97.

It was a good thing we'd gotten there earlyish, as they were closing, today, at seven. I got the noodles with just the rare steak. John got a combination of slow cooked brisket and the rare steak and Jet got his own bowl, side dish, and chopsticks. He couldn't quite use the chopsticks, but he had a great time with spoonfuls of noodles and some of the soup. He played more than he ate, but he did manage to eat some of the noodles. I was glad of that.

It was good. One surprisingly good thing was the service. Only five minutes after we'd ordered our soup, they arrived, steaming. The soup was hot enough to cook the meat. The noodles weren't overcooked, though I noticed that they were clumped together pretty badly when I first stirred my soup. The fresh additions were nice and fresh. Jalapenos, Thai basil, and mung bean sprouts, but the sprouts were brown and not nearly as nice looking as the ones I'd just bought. The soup, though, felt wonderful on my throat and lungs. It was good.

Yum. It's much closer than going into Denver, and if we can find the big, clean, Asian market it'll be even better.

Afterwards, we hit the Safeway across the street, and found another reason to be in the area. They had these carts that were build like a pickup truck. The front was built out of plastic, and it was a truck cab that had two steering wheels and a mesh underneath so the kid couldn't slip out. The side doors would latch into place, and the cart, behind, was the bed of the pickup. So Jet could pretend he was driving us around the store! He loved it and would look back at us and grin every once in a while. So we got to shop in peace and just zoom around the place.

Yay! So it was quite the good adventure.

I'm pretty tired, right now, though, for all the extra effort of that after the rest of the day. But it was a good adventure to take and I'm glad we did something other than just sit at home. It's nice to make the effort and have it be rewarded. Yay! Noodle Soup!

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