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September 27, 2002
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Sometimes Jet's Just Full Of It

10:04 pm: A relatively quiet day.

Jet had a great day at Joan's, he was happy, active and playing like crazy with Haley. While I went to pick him up he and Haley were wrestling on a couch cushion. Jet even got body slammed and he just laughed. He didn't seem to mind anything that Haley did, and enjoyed wrestling with someone his own size.

He was pretty much full of it. He was just laughing, happy, and when he nursed after getting home, he smiled when we finished and snuggled into his car seat for his nap. He slept for an hour and a half, straight, no peeps and only woke up at 1:30, after giving John and I plenty of time to work. We both had lunch after Jet woke up and then took turns working our last bits.

John took Jet off to Papa Murphy's and got a Take and Bake pizza for our dinner. He cooked it while I worked some more, too. When I finally finished, dinner was finished and we all ate. Then I made sauteed bananas with pecans, brown sugar, and a bit of flaming rum. Jet got to stand next to me and watch the whole thing and say, "Hot!" when the bananas started to sizzle and 'Nana!" when I talked about how the bananas were cooking. His eyes got all wide when I flamed the rum. John's got big, too, but it was 'cause the flames were pretty near the cabinets. Hee.

It was a great dessert. Jet ran back and forth and ate from both our bowls until we were both done, and then settled in for his go to sleep nurse. He went to bed, no problem, snuggled into his spot on his futon and has been perfectly quiet since.

A good day. Unremarkable and busy

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