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September 26, 2002
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Sleep Tradeoffs

9:25 pm: I'm tired. I am also convinced that every time Joan says that Jet should sleep well, I should get ready for Jet to not sleep at all. He had a really rough time of it after getting home. He nursed like usual, and he seemed to fall asleep deeply while doing so. But the moment I tried to put him into his car seat he woke up crying.

Soon he was screaming, and he was crying so hard that when he tried to nurse, he'd start biting me every time he tried to get a breath for another cry around the nipple. If I tried to take him off, however, he'd start crying harder.

Finally, I had to just sit in the couch he's used to, and nurse him until he fell asleep and then just hold him while he slept. He even woke up and screamed if I moved my arm out from under him. I decided to just do it and held him for a good hour and when I finally had to move my asleep arm and he woke up he was actually much more content with the nap. He was willing to sit in my lap and watch a little TV before finally getting off my lap and doing something on his own.

He's been perfectly cheerful since that nap. I was very glad of that. John came home early and helped out with taking care of Jet while I did work. I was glad John came home.

I managed to eat my lunch at 3, and Jet stole one of my cha shao bao and ate big bites out of it. So I heated myself an enchilada, too, and ate it. It was a good lunch, if late.

John rode the bike with Jet playing while I worked, and he got a shower in while I got some happy time in with Jet. We played for a while, and John reheated enchiladas and I steamed some of the Spanish rice. John made some salad, and we had a very solid dinner. We have a ton of leftovers, still, we should be set well into the beginning of October. It's a good thing.

I'm kind of mellow, now. Jet went to sleep no problem. It was an odd trade-off, as Jet slept through most of last night without waking up enough for us to get up, at all until 6:30 this morning. So he slept through the night but had a really tough time during the day.

I got some things done, and actually finished two significant chunks of work when I pushed myself and just did stuff. I needed to finally be productive again. I still feel pretty good, physically, so I think that the blood donation was a useful thing. And I'm now very glad that I went through with it.

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