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September 1, 2003
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Planting Day

Mmmm... Labor Day, a day when we didn't have to labor, but did anyway...

After the assessment, yesterday, we went to the local tree farm in the morning and bought a bunch of stuff. Had to fight Jet every step of the way, too, until he finally found that it was fun to ride on one of the plant trolleys. Of course, we went over a bump, John swerved in front of me, and Jet fell OFF the trolley and scraped his side, but after a bit of reassurance, Jet was just fine and stayed low on the trolley and was very happy to be doing something other than just crying after the fountains he couldn't find anymore.

It was good to see a tractor come by, carrying trees.

We ended up with half a dozen red-violet honeybrush bushes that were happily covered in bees, two Monrovian pine trees, three junipers, and a local grass plant, one of the low-lying ones to go with the others that had had a tall one in the midst of them. They'd dug out the tall one, but never replaced it with a small one, so we thought we'd just buy one and put it in ourselves.

By the time we pulled out of the plant place, Jet was pooped and went right to nap while John and I had lunch and got ready for the afternoon.

I've been really tired all day. I thought it might have been from sleeping too long yesterday, with the nap, but usual physical activity makes that go away. So this afternoon, I helped John with planting the plants. We dug and hauled and sprinkled root hormones on all the plants. We watered and mixed and packed and put the landscaping fabric back in place with the bark on top and that was good. It was sunny and hot enough outside that mosquitoes didn't bother us, and I was very glad of that.

When we were done, I was still tired and I was now hot and sticky. Joan had talked about going swimming with us with her kids, but when John called they were all pooped from a long, happy day, so they weren't going to go. We decided not to do the workout thing, as we'd done that already with the yard, so we decided not to call about kid care. We just packed up all the swimming stuff and stuff to change into afterwards, and headed to the Longmont Rec. Center.

It was closed.


So we went back home with a very disappointed Jet. We hit the showers, all three of us, and then went to Good Times to eat burgers. Jet saw the "Happy Donald's" on the way and demanded to go there; but as soon as we presented him with fries in the back of the van, he dove into them and ate. He ignored the chicken tenders completely, but happily ate a ton of fries. I had a really nice burger. I love the fresh burgers at Good Times, and it was satisfying to see the Good Times be very busy while the Burger King and the McDonald's nearby were both nigh on empty. Yay for local businesses!

I also got myself a scoop of butter pecan frozen custard afterwards. Jet ate part of it, too. He's very good about absorbing my 'extra' calories, especially if they're really yummy calories.

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