Liralen's Adventure Through Life
September 2003
  1: Planting Day
  2: Sick
  3: Feeling Better
  5: No Bye-bye! No Bye-bye!
  7: Lucilles and Highland Games
  8: Jet at Home and Monsters
  9: Extra Meetings
10: Pre-School Orientation
11: Pecan Cinnamon Rolls
12: Bye-bye Okay!
13: Errands and Into Denver
14: Church Computer Day
15: Having Fun with Jet
16: Jet's First Day at Pre-School
17: Dinner With Dennis
18: Rice Balls, Ice Cream Ball, and Soup
19: Picking Tomatoes and John's Parents Arrive
20: Biscuit Day, Pirates, and Baking
21: Power Out, John Leaves, Missed Swimming, Great Dinner
22: Learning and Printing
23: Work, Groceries, and Packing
24: Jet Eats and Beef Stew
25: Nick and Willy's, DQ, and Safeway
26: Pink Eye, Shopping, and Talking with Jet on the Phone
27: Sick Us, Happy Jet
28: Sinusitis
29: Working At Home
30: Shaky Day

Fall has fallen, and along with the changing of the leaves, the finishing of the harvest, and the cooling off of the days and nights, we did our fall stuff as well. John's parents came for the first part of their visit. We planted the plants we wanted for next year. The power went out. Erie had its Biscuit Day, and we got in a movie! *grin*

Jet started pre-school, as did Haley. Alex went to kindergarten. And, of course, we all got colds. I'll be glad when we get back out of cold season.

We got a great, quick visit from Cera. I also started making more fall-type foods. Rice balls, beef stew, and other heartier fare than the things we could do on the grill outside. Jet started eating more as the weather got colder.

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