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September 14, 2003
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Church Computer Day

7:45 pm: Today was a topsy-turvy kind of day, though it started in the usual way, with John and Jet getting up around 5 and doing stuff while I slept in. They'd also gone out and gotten donuts because Jet wanted donuts. So I had a donut and coffee for breakfast before John and I both ate our generic loratadine we'd bought yesterday. Then the four of us went to church.

I think the stuff actually helped. I had only one set of explosive sneezes and that was still fairly early in the day. My eyes have felt better all day. I was, however, still wheezing and coughing during the service. I was better in the afternoon but I'm usually better in the afternoon, especially on a clear day like today. I am not totally convinced that this will help me out significantly, but I'm willing to try it out.

I found that I was glad that we went to church. Michael was speaking. He doesn't do it so often now that his lung disease is really getting to him, and the sermon really focused on that aspect of his life, right now. Very strongly. So strongly it really reminded me of how hard it is that I've lost a lot of use of my hands in ways that I'd never planned for when I was younger. I would have probably kept at least one of my handspun, handknit shawls if I'd known, but so it is. His sermon gave me an acceptance of that that wasn't just resignation, and helped me really acknowledge the fact that while it hurt, it wasn't going to stop me from being myself and living a really full and rich life by other means. I wanted to write him a letter to simply tell him how much the sermon meant to me. I may do so, still.

Jet was a very happy, busy guy during the whole thing, eventhough he almost fell asleep on the way over. He was pretty tired, though, and after the kids' message, he went to the quiet room where he had two big kids playing with him the whole time. When he hit snack time, though, he went all-out. He ate his stuff, quite quietly at the table, and then started crawling everywhere. He ended up going between people's legs, running around DeeDee with one hand on her legs, and cheerfully went under another lady's skirt a few times. He really liked going through there as the fabric made for a very intriguing barrier.

I finally got to redirect him to some chairs to go under and John came by to say that someone had asked him to help with a computer problem at the church. They'd already spent an hour on it and really needed the help. It wouldn't take much more than an hour and the other guy would give him a ride home. Would it be okay if I took Jet home myself?

Uhm. Sure... John ran off.

Jet wanted to go outside, so we did that. We ran around, climbed some trees, walked a few of the walls around the place. I had no time line when I had to go with Jet. So I was amenable. He got to play driver in the Eurovan for a while. He waved at people walking by, and they were very amused by him doing the driving. He was happy to get changed on the changing pad, which he is normally really bad about on the changing table. But he lay down for me, he pulled his legs up for me, and he even centered himself on the diaper before I put it on him. That was pretty amazing.

Then he surprised me further and asked to nurse. So we drew the curtains and nursed. He fell asleep eventually. It took a little while as the space was pretty crowded, but he did.

I drove home. I found that I didn't have my wallet on me, so I was pretty careful driving home, too. I didn't get into any trouble and I was glad of that. I also put Jet into the bed instead of leaving him in the chair. He seems to sleep better that way and he had a good two and a half-hour nap.

I checked on the covered tomatoes and found them just fine. I put all the patio plants back out and watered them. Being indoors for a day seemed to have dried them out considerably. They were pretty happy, all in all. I got a few things done around the house, and soaked some sushi rice. I also got all the things out of the car and put them away. I setup and cooked some of the pearl tapioca while the rice started cooking. That was actually pretty fun. I should probably cook the tapioca in tea, so that they get the coloring of the black tapioca, but I don't really think it's necessary.

The rice finished cooking, and I had fun using the mu subi/onogiri mold I'd bought yesterday. I had chopped some char shu. I got out the powdered, dried, seasoned pork, and I got out the three canisters of furikake that I have. Furikake is a mixture of dried fish, nori bits, and other things. One flavor is wasabi with bits of dried wasabi and other green things in it, one is katsu flavored which means soy and toasted bits of things, and the third has no English on it at all but it does have the picture of a small, whole fish. Indeed, the third has a large number of small, silver, dried fish in it, whole. The third one tastes really good, but the whole fish are awful hard to pick up just by pressing them with sticky rice. So I decided to fold the stuff directly into the rice and just mold that.

I got one with the furikake rice plain and one with the char shu filling. I made a plain one for Jet, as I didn't think he could eat more than one. I made three with just char shu inside, one as the pair to Jet's plain one. I made two with the roa soong (the powdered, dried, seasoned pork) mixed into the rice with the char shao on the inside. I didn't add any rice vinegar or sugar to the rice so that it was pretty much just rice, like bread for a sandwich. I knew the other things, the Chinese things, went well with plain rice, so I wanted to try them in this form.

The mold worked beautifully. I had a bowl of cold water that I used to rinse it off between moldings. I don't know if I had to, but it seemed a great idea to get the sticky starches off between moldings, so that nothing would stick. It worked wonderfully. I put a couple of big spoonfuls into each half of the double mold, then I'd press to make a hollow, fill the hollow with a teaspoon of filling, and then top it off with more rice (or rice mixture) until the very loose rice was level with the top of the mold. Then I put the top on and pressed. The top is a good half an inch thick, so it definitely presses the contents of the mold in on itself. It also has a very detailed lip, so that when I pulled the top off, the triangular top that was presented to me had perfectly rounded edges leading to the sides of the rice ball.

Hey. I wonder how onigiri would do at the Boulder Farmers' Market? Rice, seaweed, and fish seem pretty healthy to me. A bit of pickled plum, pickled other stuff, maybe even an olive or two, as they're pretty savory... hmmm...

The mold even had tabs in the bottom of each mold that were free of the rest of the bottom. So all I had to do was upend the mold, push on the tabs, and out popped the finished rice balls in perfect triangular splendor. Wow.

They were good, too. I ate one of each, other than the plain.

I also made my bubble tea, and found that my gut can't let me add nearly as much sugar as all the milk tea drinks actually have. So I had a pretty strong tea with a bit of milk for taste, and the pearls at the bottom. They weren't as sweet as the store's pearls, so I must not have soaked them long enough in sugar. Or I just didn't use as much sugar. I don't know if that's something I'll fix or not...

When Jet got up, I hugged him and then presented him with the rice balls and he said he wanted one. So I gave him the plain one, put plenty of 'sprinkles', i.e. the furikake that he picked out of the lineup of three, and he plowed into it, full tilt. He was able to hold the whole thing in one hand, so he would bash it against the pile of furikake, hold up the bashed end so he could see it, and then push his face into it to eat as much of the sprinkles as he could. Then he'd do it again. He'd also lose significant portions of it every time he did the 'push his face into it' bit, too. He would clean some of those up by picking them up and eating them, but mostly he let them fall as they would. When he'd finished the first one he asked for another!!

Oops. I should make him two next time. I handed him one of the char shu filled ones and the moment he saw that it was filled, he asked what that was. When I told him, he refused to eat any more of it. He was done. Dang.

It was mildly disappointing, but I was pretty impressed that he'd gotten all the way through one of them. John called, in the midst of all this to say that he wasn't going to be able to come home any time soon. Then he called around 5 to say that they were stumped and wondering if we wanted to come to Longmont to get him and, maybe, eat some dinner. His musubi were still sitting on the counter. I told him that I'd pack up his rice balls and come to him, but I really wanted to shop for a bit at Sears. So we did.

I dropped Jet off along with the rice balls at the church, as John had gotten unstuck in the time it had taken for us to get there. So they needed a little more time to do stuff. So I got to go to Sears and check out all the Lands End things that I'd seen in the latest, fall catalog and see what it was that I really wanted to get and wear. There's a cable, zip-up cardigan that just seems wonderful in the pictures, and I need something that's warm but not a man's jacket. Nearly all my mid-weight jackets are pretty much lettermen's jackets, period. I don't have anything midweight that I can just throw on that actually has me looking even moderately like a female. I wanted that sweater, but I didn't know which color would look good on me, and I had no idea which size would be better for me. Women's mediums for shirts and sweaters seem to fit me better than larges, though I feel like I ought to be in a large because that's my pant size, pretty clearly. I guess I must not be developed enough or not have enough high belly or something, but all the women's large t-shirts and sweaters looked like sacks on me.

So I got the medium. In blue. The 'light burgundy' looked bad on me. Really bad. The blue was good. I didn't want the black as I have too much black. There was a green that was very intriguing, but... I don't have that much green in my wardrobe. So I thought I'd just do with the blue. It looked nice. It was so odd.

There were also Lands End pants, and I ended up getting the sport pants, in a charcoal, as they just looked so good on me. I had to. And they were cheaper than the cotton chinos that I'd never wear, as I have no business shirts to wear them with. The charcoal stretch pants would go with everything I have, t-shirts, Hawaiian shirts, and even my old flannels and probably make them all look better. That was very cool to find.

Happiness. I even got to try on everything and see how it looked. I was glad of that, too, and the boys were out in the playground by the church when I got back for them. John and I lay on the twin slides off of one of the climbing things and he told me about the problems he'd run over for the afternoon. That was good. I'd been mildly resentful of him taking all that time without telling us that we could just go and do something else. But then I might have just gone out ourselves anyway. I should, sometime. But it helped with the resentment to have him tell me about how things went. It also helped that he'd given me a little shopping time to deal with my mild obsession with the Lands End cable zip-up cardigan. Yay!

We went home. John had eaten the rice balls I'd brought him while he was finishing up with stuff. Jet had helped a little, too. John had liked them a lot, but was still hungry. He hadn't eaten anything else the whole time he'd been working on the problem. So when we got home, he made a hot dog dinner. Jet wouldn't eat the grilled hot dog because it looked funny. He did, however, find a bag of pepperoni and proceeded to eat that. Yow. He also played Putt-Putt Enters the Race while we finished our dinners.

John then told me that I could do whatever I really wanted to do, so I came upstairs and I'm writing this. *grin* I will probably take a bath after Jet's asleep, too. I need one. The loratadine seems to be working really well, and I think that the extra humidity shouldn't hurt my lungs. We'll see

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