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September 13, 2003
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Errands and Into Denver

A very, very crowded day, in a very good way. I got a lot done. Starting with being up with Jet at 6:30 and letting John sleep until nearly 9. He needed it. I made Jet waffles, and he ate a little, but doesn't seem that interested in eating, lately. I don't know why, but it's okay for the moment, for me.

Jet and I watched cartoons, played games, and colored. We did just fine. John got up, had breakfast, started all our laundry, and then Jet went down for his nap. When Jet woke up, Jet ate a little lunch, and John and Jet went out and did errands. They dropped off the recycling, did a little shopping, and even went to a park. I got to stay home and do my journalling.

They got home around 5. We left soon after for Denver, and went to the really good Pho 79 in town. Jet had lots of soup there, but not that many noodles. I got a honeydew milk tea with tapioca and it was very good, but not quite enough liquid for all the pearls that were in it. The pearls were a little hard in the center and sticky gummy on the outside, but it was still worth getting for the craving I had for it. The pho was marvelous. Super crisp, fresh vegetables, clear soup, and noodles that didn't stick in a ball in the bottom of the bowl. It was very good.

Then we hit the Asian market. John chased Jet around while I searched high and low for an onigiri mold. I had to go through the gadget aisles two times before I finally found the innocuous boxes marked "Musubi Mold". They seem to be synonymous; onigiri and omusubi seem to be exactly the same thing. Here's a Google search on the two. The first link is really fascinating as it has all the different types that are actually available in Japan. Yowza. The mold was just $2.50, cheaper than anything I'd found on the Net, and I didn't even have to pay for postage! Yay!

I even found the giant straws for bubble tea, too. John was the one that finally asked about pearl tea, and they pointed him at a back shelf of a refrigerator, where we found the tapioca pearls, uncooked. There were instructions on them for cooking. 30 minute simmer and then 20 minute soak. None of this 4 hour mythology about cooking the pearls. So that was pretty easy. In all my summer experiments to make iced tea that I liked drinking I was pretty sure I could get a milk tea that I'd like without resorting to powdered or evaporated milk. So the pearls were the only thing missing. Sure, I might want fruit flavors sometime, but I could get those on-line for not too bad a price. The milk tea was pretty basic, I thought.

Jet was pretty terrible in the store. He was running around, flinging things when he could get to them. When we went down an aisle with glass jars, John was leaping in the way of him getting to them, and as I hadn't seen Jet flinging things, I had wondered why. When told, it was pretty obvious why we didn't want Jet holding glass things. But with both of us there, Jet didn't seem as inclined to do the really destructive thing.

So with my pearls, straws, onigiri mold, and a sudden, impulse package of five spice dried tofu (my garlic chives are really long and fat at the moment, so they'd make a great stir fry with the dried bean curd threads), we headed out. From there we hit a Safeway on the way home and Jet surprised us by demanding that we NOT GET A CART. I think it might be a throwback to the day when I forced him into the cart at the King Soopers. And, in fact, Jet would not let me carry him for a while, so that kind of enforced my perception of that.

But after a little while, he was okay with both the cart and me again, and we shopped. He was much better here. Especially once we gave him a package of stickers to carry. He picked the package, and we decided he could have it, and he carried it through the store, up and down the aisles as we bought the few things we had on our list. I guess we stocked up so much last week we had not all that much to buy, which was good.

On the way home, I sat with him so he wouldn't fall asleep and we talked about monkey trees, scared dragons, and choo-choo track moons. He was just talking about all kinds of stuff, and I just kept asking him more about them. That was a very successful way to keep him awake and very cheerful. He'd also tell me which direction I was supposed to be scared in, and I obliged with expressions of surprise and small screams in the correct direction. He'd get mad if I did them in other directions. *grin* That was pretty cool.

Home again, home again, and Jet didn't get to sleep until 10:30. There were just too many things going on. It took a while to persuade him to changes and brush his teeth, but once he did, he was flat out asleep in nothing flat. Just have to figure out a way to get him there faster next time.

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