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September 15, 2003
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Having Fun with Jet

A great day today, though some of it was in the face of being inchoately afraid of Jet.

It's a mildly weird thing. I've always been a little afraid of doing things that people don't want me to do, or of doing things that make it so that someone is unhappy. And it seems that being a parent to a two-year-old seems to be, continuously, making him unhappy. He can't have ice cream for lunch. He can't have candy for dinner. He can't try and kill himself by climbing up onto the porch railing and sitting there. He shouldn't be allowed to throw things as he likes. He should be stopped from running into the road.

Day in and day out, I have to stop Jet from doing what he wants to do. And that wears on me, constantly, like sandpaper on wood. So sometimes I'm afraid of having a lot of time with just him, now.

I know that they're the right rules to enforce, but doing so sometimes hurts more than I want it to.

Today was good, though, in the face of that realization. I had the morning to myself. I'd gotten up at 5:30 to nurse Jet and see if he'd go back to sleep. He didn't, not really. So we were finally up at 6:30 and John took over from there. John seems to do much better with sleep until 6:30 than only until 5:30. So he was willing to take over then, and I went back to sleep until 8:30. They'd already left by then, and I knew that I would be okay doing it. I needed it as Jet had been up four times, and we'd each gotten him twice.

I'd even given him ibuprofen, but it didn't seem to help his sleep at all. I wonder if he's dreaming more or something? I dunno. I just know that he got up a lot, and I got to sleep in to make up for some of it.

I worked. I got him from Joan's at a bit after 11. He was sitting on the step, eating a bowlful of potato chips. Joan thought he wanted some, and, sure enough, he ate the whole bowlful, quite handily. We went home, and for about five minutes it looked like Jet had no interest in nursing, but I finally just picked him up and told him we were nursing. He was actually okay with that, and went right down for an hour and a half long nap.

He woke up at exactly 2. I made him peanut butter and blueberry jam sandwich as well as some chicken nuggets. He would have none of either, and when I had the freezer door open, he darted in and nabbed the frozen French fries. I didn't have the heart to take them away from him, and he ate the last handful of them. So that was that for them. But he refused to eat anything else.

By then it was 3. I ate most of the PBnJ. I packed the car, persuaded Jet to get into the car, and we went to the park. I had the celphone on me, in case John changed any plans, and we played in the tree shaded park in Longmont at about Bross and 4th. Instead of playing with the other kids, Jet plonked himself down with his bucket and shovel and started shoveling sand everywhere. All over the sandbox, then on the climbing equipment, then down the slides and he ended up wanting to throw it at other kids. I had to tell him no, several times, and finally I just took the shovel away from him whenever he did it. I let him have it back, and I'd take it away every time he shoveled sand at another kid. Eventually he stopped doing that and just shoveled sand onto the play equipment, which I didn't have as much trouble with as it wasn't a safety issue.

He did a little climbing, with his shovel, and he slid down his sand covered slides a couple of times, though the other kids were much better about cleaning them off for him.

An hour there and I bundled him back into the van and we went to the Rec. Center. John pulled up just as we did, and helped us go in. Jet walked right into kid care and had no problems, at all with us leaving, even said a cheerful bye-bye. I think that, maybe, the park time made him happier than usual. Or it's all a part and parcel of him getting over being left with other people. I'm not sure.

John and I worked out. He was running while I did elliptical. I had only two minutes left when John came over and asked me, "Did you hear the announcement?" I shook my head, "I didn't hear a thing." "Well, they paged you, eventhough I signed Jet in." So we headed down to see what was the matter. It was a leaking diaper cover. Ah well. Jet was so happy to see us and get to go swimming, that instead of just changing him and putting him back into kid care we took him out and went swimming instead. No real cool down period, but Jet was so happy that it didn't really matter.

He played. He splashed. He jumped. He rode John and I around the pool. We didn't do the Lazy River or the big slides. He did go down the smaller slide several times. The pool itself was nearly empty. I guess everyone's back in school, so there were no kids there until after 6. We had fun, though the water was kind of cold, too. The three of us ended up in the hot tub. Jet sat on the top step and John and I wallowed and soaked for a while.

When we all went to Santiago's, near the church. John had gotten a SOS from someone at the church regarding the fixes he'd done yesterday. So we had dinner, and then Jet and I played in the van while John went to fix things again. It only took one iteration of the Lilo and Stitch sound track before John was done. Yay! We went home.

Jet and I talked about scared dragons, the moon, and other things. There were some phrases I just didn't get. He talked about his 'soccer ball', which was the die he'd brought with him, and about his moneys, which he kept dropping. He had four pennies that he took with him everywhere today. In his car seat there's a slot that he sometimes sticks coins into, and he loses them that way. We found them when we got the car seat up when we got home. So he was very happy about that.

When he was home, Jet decided, finally, to eat the chicken nuggets I'd made him for lunch. He ate all of them, so he had something better than candy or ice cream for dinner. The rule is that he has to eat something we approve of before he can have some treat, but when we asked him about ice cream he didn't seem to really want it. So I scooped ice cream for John and I, as Jet didn't seem that interested. Jet then proceeded to eat all of John's ice cream and have a whole cup of warm milk.

He went to sleep pretty easily when we finally persuaded him to sleep. I hope tonight will be better than the last two nights.

He had a really good day. I got rewarded for my courage in going out with him. I think I'll do more of that, and not worry as much about what kinds of trouble Jet can get into when I do take him out.

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