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September 15, 1998
a year ago

An Odd Greyness

I've been spending the last two days recovering from the party and all the people. I've had an incredible urge to just close the door and never see anyone again. But code freeze is this Friday, so things must get done, communications still has to happen, and my door gets to stay open. It's meant that I've left my journal writing for a bit, until I had time after hours. Today is John's soccer practice day, so I've been catching up with all the things that happened for and after the party.

My hands haven't really liked all the extra work, so, I'm doing the healthy thing and trying to rotate between various input strategies. Some by voice, some by hands, and when both are tired I try to quit. It's been interesting.

We're now moving to status meetings every morning, and the higher paced mode of operation that moves into release. It'll be interesting again. We, as a company, have released more software this year than this group has released in the three years previous. We're busy, productive, and having more fun as a group than we've had for a long time.

Personally, I've been worn out. My digestive system did a full-fledged rebellion yesterday, so I've been eating nothing but white rice with a few small things that are well cooked and have intense flavor to them. The race balls I tried to make on Friday had turned out well, so I made plain ones for dinner and lunch. They wouldn't keep me full for long, but they would be easy on my system. They seem to have done the trick, today, as things have calmed down.

John also got the hot tub working last night. The only problem was that he had added the chlorine shock stuff to the water just that day. The hot water felt wonderful, but afterwards the chemicals irritated the heck out of my skin. I had to take an extra shower after tubbing. Normally, the tub has a system that doesn't require chemicals, but to get it started with all the freshwater it had to have a chemical dose. So, this problem should go away soon.

I'm just not focussing worth a damn, but the job I have to get done before the code freeze is relatively minor. Also, the company found an odd mistake in their accounting, and they'd accidentally assigned my rate of vacation accrual to John and vice versa. He normally gets an extra week a year, so I actually had to give up 30 hours that my time sheet said I had. Ah well. That isn't bad suckage, as they're just doing what they promised rather than what was implemented, and well, honestly, John gets paid more, so in some ways, it's just more money for us. I can take that extra week off unpaid when he's getting paid, and it would be less money if it were the other way around.

So, anyway, John's back from practice, time to wander away to home and food and things.

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