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September 29, 1998
a year ago

Stop Thinking

Raven has this friend Joe, who keeps telling him to stop thinking.

After Mark demonstrated that there really are ways to stop thinking, I decided to put them into practice and it worked. John and I had a great deal of fun last night, and by the time we were through, I went into a deep, deep, dreamless sleep and it was good.

We didn't actually get home until late. And I made macademia nut crusted chicken for the three of us along with boiled tiny carrots and the biryani that Trader Joe's sells in the freezer section. Yummy food.

Today's been pretty good. Busy, way busy. I'm back in the brain mode of just doing work. They say that tomorrow is a sailing day off from work, folks are going to go to a sail boat tomorrow afternoon and just play. I don't think I'm going to go. Too much to do, too little motivation to do another social event, and too much I want to get done here, and the best I can do is just get some of the things in my head out so that they don't bother me anymore.

Lots of gaming thoughts. Lots of story thoughts, lots of things that are banging on the walls to get out.

Thanks, Gene, for the letter, it helped.

Found out that the Republic of Tea's Blackberry Sage tea has dried blackberries in it. It really is lovely, with the scent and sweetness of blackberries over a clear, sharp tang of really good tea, and underneath it all the earthy depth of sage. Yum. Good iced and hot.

Ate an entire bag of Pepperidge Farm cookies without really noticing it. So I think that the pressure from work is getting to me. I am going to have to watch that.

I also cut my left thumb last night on the knife that I was using to split the breast halves for the chicken dish. Blood loss. Washed my hands carefully in the bacteria killing soap and then bandaged everything up. John fed me a cookie. Blood loss and cookies. They seem to just go together.

Filled in the gaming weekend, though I've lost some of the memories, as I'd only written half of it in my notebook. I should probably fill in the game, but my hands are tired and my brain is a bit numb. I have a feeling I'm going to ask John if we can just buy dinner tonight. Just tired... exhausted in many ways.

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