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September 9, 1999
two years ago

Wearing Through the Week

Feeling really tired today, still. I think that the healing bits are taking more out of me than I really want to think about. In some ways it's starting to feel like I just want to last out the week and sleep for as much of the weekend isn't Fezzik's party and then see how life looks then. Right now I feel like I'm mostly in a holding pattern and trying to tread water at work until I can get my energy back.

I'm doing things. A few things, not a lot of things, and not very well, as my concentration is just hard to get. Debugging is the hardest thing when my brain isn't working, but it's probably better than my writing code right now. Better to be chasing bugs than introducing new ones to the code.

Genevieve and the Fiat crew were great about my decision not to go to Detroit. Sorry, too. I'm sorry, for that matter, as I was looking forward to seeing folks for a while, but as fragile as I'm feeling now, the whole prospect just didn't look good. United does do 'instant fares' for a coming weekend sometimes from Denver, and if there's a Detroit one for that weekend, I might look at it and see, then, if I'm up to it. At the moment, though, I'm very, very much not up to it and it's been very clear to me that they all understand that.

That's a good thing to know, that I really can communicate things like that without blame. A good step and a good thing to be able to do.

Kathy called me at work, as she'd been out to dinners for most of the week and was going out again tonight, so thought to catch me at work before going out. It was good to hear from her and good to hear that she's doing okay and doing well. She happily talked about her lastest pens and the whole mess that's the reconstruction of parts of her condo as the original thing didn't quite meet spec, and the construction company is going back in to do it right now that it's been discovered. So she's staying at the parents' house for a while. I hope that the presents John and I sent actually get to her.

I was shaking by the time John and I left work. We still had a few things to do, but a little walking wasn't going to hurt too badly. We went to McGuckin's and found a round cookie cutter, some finger dishes like the ones used in the cooking shows for holding measured spices (which I was actually going to use for candles, but a few might get recruited for kitchen duty), a set of dusty rose tapers that were half the price of the taper I'd bought two days ago and twice as long, and one six quart hand-crank ice cream maker. Yum.

Six-quarts! And no engine to burn out like at the last party. How very, very cool. Besides, Alton said that when ice cream starts to harden, you really need to crank up the crank speed to get more air into the mixture, not something that can be done with an electric engine, which slows down under drag. This should be fun, especially since we'll just have party muscle to turn the ice cream instead of simple electronics.

We then went to Whole Foods as we were out of milk and I wanted to make chicken katsu for John as he'd wanted that a while back; but on getting home, I forgot to do the rice first. Oops. The crumbed chicken sat out for a while as I made the rice and let it cook, and while that time out wasn't a health hazard, the crumbs melted a bit with all the moisture from the egg wash and so we had breaded chicken instead of chicken katsu with the light crumb all over. Darn. It tasted good, though, and was good with A1 instead of katsu sauce because I couldn't find any katsu sauce in any of the grocery stores, which sucked mildly. I should probably ask Bob to get me some...

There. Asked. We'll see what comes of it. I might even bug Carl to stop at the 99 Market on the way between his place and Mountain View sometime so that I can stock up on some things that are only available there. That should be nice. I always wondered if Carl knew that he had passed, so many times, one of the riches that I can only dream of in this benighted part of the country in terms of Chinese food. Wouldn't blame him if he didn't.

The evening was mostly dinner, then candlelight writing and then sleep, and I slept just fine without anything to really worry about. That was good. And dreamed of candles and wax and recipes in interesting order.

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