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September 18, 1999
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Work Day

Today was a work day and I got an incredible amount of work done without having any meetings, no one to bother me and nothing else I had to do other than develop. One of the nice things was that Jeanne was in, too, which meant that the two of us could exchange email about what was going on and that really helped with coordinating things. That was good and useful and we got a lot done in a very short seven hours. John came in with me to clean everything up for his trip to San Jose on Monday and he finished off a very neat piece of code that will make the alpha fall over dead the moment the millenium is over. That was pretty fun.

We even left work before we thought we would, which was a big bonus because it was during daylight and we actually wandered about Boulder shopping randomly. We went to the Peppercorn simply because I had the Need to Buy Something after all the work I'd done today. We parked at the east end of the Pearl Street Mall, at one of the metered spots and eventhough half the meters near us were blinking red from someone not paying them, I stuck a few quarters into our meter, just because. We then meandered our way into the Mall.

John tugged me into the Starbuck's and we got drinks there because we wanted them; and then I saw a candle shop, but decided to see it on the way back because we still had our drinks. The Peppercorn sold espresso drinks, so I didn't feel at all bad going in there with my drink. I bought another biscuit cutter, this time it looked as if it were exactly 2 inches. I also got a hand-held juicer and a bag of coffee cake mix. John wandered about and found an electric fly swatter that applied voltage across alternating strands of wire. It almost looked like a tennis racquet because it didn't have any force applied to it, it could be bigger. He loved it and we got it as well. Just random stuff that looked like fun.

The Mall itself was pretty busy, lots of folks just wandering about and enjoying the sunny afternoon, the clouds were building to the West, so it was good to get out and just do a few things.

We wandered back and found that the candle shop was filled only with what John calls 'smelly candles', so we didn't get anything and I walked out sneezing. When we got back to the car, we found parking tickets on everyone around us and we were free and clear. John said, "Hey, I feel rich, now!"

Pretty cool.

From a peek at the tickets on the other windows, we basically covered all our purchases and the two quarter we'd put in to start, plus, it turns out, our dinner as well. We stopped by Safeway and got a Steak and some buttermilk and I succumbed to a box of donuts to succor me while John was gone. It was really good looking, and I really wanted it.

Dinner was steak cooked on the grill with baked potatoes and zucchini. Simple, really good and fun to make with John getting all smoky before the rain came. The clouds were coming, and we could see them, but they didn't drop any rain all evening. We got to bed early, tired and pretty satisfied with what was done with the day. My wrists hurt, though, after the week-plus of typing. Both John and I spent a portion of the evening just icing our wrists, really sore and tired, but at least the nerves weren't yelling, yet.

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