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September 17, 1999
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Bob Week

With Bob here things get done. Not so much more meetings or anything, but I finally have a complete peer to talk with about all the things that I'm running into and which he gets as well. It's just a very, very good thing for me, especially since we're just a week away from a minor release that has to be cleaned up, focussed and there's one feature that I have left to slide into the code.

We spent most of the week talking over some of the development problems and then spending days trying to fix the process problems and getting things to synch and settle. With up to five developers all in the same code we're running into each other like bumper cars at the park. And when one person really doesn't get how things work, they've managed to hose all the rest of us at once; which isn't *any* fun.

I spent most of the week just trying to slide out from under change requests while trying to get work done to get it so that other people could develop, rather than doing any development myself, which got, eventually, really annoying. By the end of the week I am ready to just ignore everything except the simple functionality that Jeanne and I are supposed to get into the product.

There are just so many distractions through the week, of everyone coming to me for answers on things that I know nothing about. That was really frustrating, not getting anything done.

Lunches were pretty cool. Tuesday was Wok and Roll and a really nice, long talk with Bob about development reality. Wednesday I brought Bob and Ryan to the Gondolier, and they both enjoyed the Italian food a lot, though Bob noted that it was rather sad that whenever he came here to Boulder, we never went out to Chinese food. Then he acknowledged that it was probably for good reason. Thursday was a try at a cheap little Chinese place that turned out to be pretty fresh and okay and about level with the prices they were charging. Friday, with the Green Monster at work, we went to Juan's Burritos. Yum.

Evenings were a little bit of escape, and we had the Chinese Spaghetti that Bob brought sauces for Tuesday night. We went out with Bob Wednesday night to a nice little expensive place called AlleyCatz that had okay food but, like most Boulder restaurants didn't really get that last step up to really excellent food. The 'crispy skin duck' I got had a chewy skin. It tasted good, was well marinated and the flesh itself was tender and juicy; but after having named it crispy skin duck they failed to deliver. Thursday night saw the whole group at the Rio Grande, which is a good Mexican restaurant with a limited menu that they did really well and it was rustic, inexpensive, and they had really good margaritas, which everyone who drank enjoyed. Afterwards, we went next door to a little pool parlor that also had and espresso stand and a bar with excellent single malt scotches. We talked until late there. That was fun. By a *really* busy Friday, I was so exhausted all we did was go home and have pizza delivered.

Alton Brown did pasta. The Iron Chef showed the overtime cook off between the Shien brothers and Iron Chef Chen, whose their Chinese expert. No face was lost and the winning was done thoroughly but in the Japanese manner of just one point off. That was very intrigueing. The ideas from the battle are really cool, and I'll have to try a few of those things. The potato starch glutenous mass of their theme ingredient made me go and get a handful of my lychee jellies to eat. There are so many gelatenous substances in Asian cooking, only Jello comes to mind immediately in American cooking, but there are aspecs, jellies, jams, and puddings as well.

My brain mostly got eaten by work, though, and I'll likely be in at work tomorrow, too.

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