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September 23, 1999
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Realities and Columbine


First thing in the morning, I talked with my boss. That is probably the hardest thing I've done in a while. I hate admitting that I can't do things, but I really couldn't seem to get through to the younger developer what was wrong and what seemed to be going wrong and how to get him to actually *talk* with others about how to get it right was really beyond me.

So my boss and I talked and my frustration level went down, and then we had a meeting and the boss talked with the younger developer and then told me that the guy would be coming to me with specific questions. In effect, turning it back to me. Which scared me at first, but then I realized that, effectively, my boss has gotten me what I needed most, a communication line that the youngster would actually heed! This worked. The two of us then talked, fast and furious about the problems, worked through the extent of the problems and then figured out real solutions for the long-term as well as how to make thing, in the future be far more comfortable for me.

None of this massive change thing just before release ever again. Damnit.

So. I spent another day doing nothing that I was supposed to be doing. Which sucked, minorly, but at least I got things back on more even ground for myself. That helped.

What helped a whole lot more was a link that regis pointed me at. It's a link about what's come out of the police report being made on the facts that have been uncovered about what happened at Columbine.

It's really, truly and totally weird to be living near Columbine country. Where there's daily reports of mothers going on a rampage and cutting down trees because some church also put up two of them for the *families* of the killers because they were putting them up for the families of all the families that lost children. People here are utterly irrational about the whole thing on a daily basis, *still*. Where the sensationalism is still being perpetuated and retold, over and over as if it were gospel Truth.

Then again, this is the part of the country that takes a lot of really weird things and says that they're from the Gospels as well, when, if you've really read the Gospels, you know that they aren't in there.

So this reporter comes out with the truth.

The straight comparison of this truth against what I think of as the daily 'problems' of my life just put a lot of things into perspective. This isn't nearly as bad. This isn't nearly as scary. This doesn't affect lives, thank God.

So I came out of it much, much happier.

John's Mom and Dad arrived this afternoon, called John to tell them that they were happy and comfortable at home. We went home a little early to greet them, and made a simple supper of some of the leftover sausages from Fezzik's party, a bunch of ripe tomatos with some of the fresh basil I pruned from the basil bush, basalmic vinegar, and a bit of olive oil. We also bought some cole slaw and fresh corn on the way home. Sweet corn, which neither George nor Isabel got much of in Seattle, as the summer's been so cold and short.

I almost think we could have done without the sausages and just served corn as a main course. It was so good, and everyone enjoyed it so much. Probably would have needed a bit more salad, but the sausages were pretty good, spicy and delicious though the buns are getting a bit stale.

Everyone talked a mile a minute all evening. Catching up at full speed. That was very fun to watch, listen to and participate in. One of the things that I love about John's parents is that they fully engage anyone that they're talking with in the conversation, as eager to listen as to speak and they love to have very balanced conversations. They are very stable people, and their experience really is evident in much of what they do or say. There are few people I think of as being as wise, in the involved way that they are.

They'd also brought boxes and boxes of fresh Italian prunes from their trees, sweet and ripe and soft and wonderful. Just like the ones off the trees John and I used to have in Redmond. It was a taste of Seattle fall that I hadn't even known I was missing until I tasted them and started eating a whole lot of them at once. They'd brought enough that we could probably even dry some and keep the dry, sweet prunes for a while. Yum.

We stayed up, not too late, talking and talking and talking and Fezzik was exhausted from a long walk with them. He even lay quite still while they pulled all the stickers and stuff from his fur. Big, nasty stickers with lots and lots of pins were stuck all over his fur, and it was pretty painful getting some of them out. But it was good when it was done, and Fezzik was really, really good about lying still while they pulled the painful things out. That was cool.

John also gave them maps and possible things to see that would, in my book, have filled a good week. So they'll have plenty of things to do tomorrow, while we're at work.

I slept completely dreamlessly after taking a painkiller for the muscles of my legs. I had overdone it a bit yesterday and was feeling it today.

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