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September 28, 1999
a year ago

Alone at Work

So it's snowing today. Big time. Huge, wet flakes with lots of water on the roads and white on the grass. A veil of white across the flat grey sky and the wet gleam of the black streets. All the rain turned to snow last night, as the temperatures just nudged into freezing, and all the air is white today with big, fat splats of snow slapping the misted white of my windows just this side of freezing.

I'm driving in it, myself. John stayed at home with his parents to wander about today and see things together. It was a little scary this morning. I'm not used to driving with snow around, but I didn't do too much that was really stupid. The dirt road right in front of Rue de Trust really turned into a mud bog, and I was afraid of getting mired in it so I took it a bit fast and slid just a bit along the way. Not so that I hit anything, and control was quick enough to get back by countersteering. It was, however, a small adventure. The falling snow obscured visibility a little; but I made it just fine to work.

The sky was this solid, iron grey that was just gloomy and sad.

So, at work, I just settled in and tried to work. Didn't really get all that much done as I was mostly interrupt driven all day. Lunch was some of the leftovers from my birthday dinner and I got a piece of the chocolate cake for breakfast. That was very good indeed. Not quite as bad as yesterday, but bad enough that I was frustrated and exhausted by the time I got a call from John to say that they would be by to pick me up for dinner. It was quite the relief to find out that I didn't have to drive home so soon. Then again, when I actually went out to meet the Rostyki, the day was sunny, cool but not cold, and there wasn't a single trace of the snow that had been covering everything in the morning.

Dinner was at the Nepalese restaurant in Boulder. John's mom and dad had gone trekking out there more than a decade ago, so it was a nostalgic dinner. Lots of things to remind them of the food that they'd had there, the adventures as well. Though they admitted that the food out there had almost all been rice and dahl, i.e. rice and beans, so the one time they actually got a potato had been sheer bliss. This meal was extraordinarily rich in comparison and it was good and tasty and varied in texture and taste.

Felt good to eat, too, after the day.

Afterwards, on the way back to the car, we stopped at the local Art Mart. There were handmade candles scattered through the store, some with vanilla essential oils in them, so I bought one of those and several of the more beautiful handcrafted candles. They were cheaper than Illuminations and said that they burned longer, though I don't know how true that is.

We went home after picking up the car at Xilinx. I followed them home and there were incidents with cattle this time. John's dad was having a bit of a throat cold, so I made some of the Republic of Tea's Gensing Peppermint and liked that a lot, though George put a good measure of really hot chile powder in his tea, he said that the capsum helped out his sinuses. I don't doubt that, but it was really odd for me to see someone putting hot spice into his tea. I guess it's just another herb. I'm very glad that it worked.

We got to see the Two Fat Ladies do a Christmas feast and the goose was pretty astonishing. Especially since they got the geese directly from the goose farmer. I wish I knew where to get things like that here. Directly from the producer to get the freshest taste.

The night, outside, turned cold while we watched and when we turned back to the Weather Channel, it was beeping, saying that there was a going to be a hard freeze tonight and it would be best to protect tender plants, empty hoses, and protect pipes from freezing. It's good to get the warning and we got my chives in under cover for the night and the rest of everything John took care of, including all the hoses, pipes and extra valve shutting off's. By doing all this we should, actually, be set for the winter.

The bathroom and bedroom were cold enough I had to use the space heater in the bathroom and John and I snuggled up close to warm up and gradually fell asleep.

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