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Last Updated on July 23, 2016

People mentioned in the entries can mostly be found here.

As quick reference, near the end of the entries that are on this site, I'm mid-30's, married to John Rostykus, a software engineer with Xilinx corporation, and living out in Erie, Colorado which is just east of the Rocky Mountains and just north of Denver. We work in the People's Republic of Boulder and have found it as diverse and outdoors oriented as we expected.

The Rockies really are rocky. We had just moved, at the beginning of 1999 to the Mile-High area of the state from Seattle, Washington, the Pacific Northwest and it's been quite the high-contrast change from the mysteries and coolness of forest shadows to the brilliant and wide-open plains. I really do think that Sean Stewart's The Night Watch captured the differences beautifully. Most of these stories were written while we were in Washington.

By 2016, we've gotten ourselves retired, have been doing volunteer work for the last several years, and my adventures are now mostly chronicled on my LiveJournal account. So go ahead over there if you want things that are more recent than here. I've kept things here simply to have the archive by the good graces of a very good friend that owns this server.

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A More Vivid Life
Taking a step into a more colorful existance and experience. Mostly just a lovely weekend.
The Knee Adventure
Various accounts from the time I hurt my knee to when I did surgery and some points in-between and after.
AAAaaa I'm *AWAKE*!
An account of a week where I actually was awake and functional before 5am.
Whirlwind Weekend
A whirlwind weekend of fun in Mountain View.
Dragonflight 1997
Wherepon much of the Horde decends on Seattle.
John's and my tenth anniversary Get Away!
Rosty and the Brain
Actually rather old, from Christmas of '96, but I found it while cleaning out my Netcom account.
The Sauk River
What we did with a river that was the same color as my hair!
Mermaid Hair
What happened when my hair changed.
What happened after.
What's the Opposite of Disillusioned?
Adventures at Westercon50.
It's a Rare Day
It's a rare day when Yura actually compliments me on my soccer play.
A Day on the River
River rafting down the high spring waters of the Skykomish.
Rubbing Ink
Thoughts while rubbing ink and in responce to something that was posted to my mailing group about What Ten Things Do You Want To Do In Your Life?
Signs and Portents
Parts One and Two of an adventure I had with my sister.
Models of Thought
A rendition of a talk given by Douglas Adams at the Microsoft Developers Conference in March of 1996.
White Blood Cells
An experience involving modern day Vampires, The Machine (ala The Princess Bride), buzzing and bodily fluids.
Description/review of Peter Gabriel's _Secret World Tour_
Description/review of U2's Zoo of a glitz tour
Driving over cliffs can be fun
Small Comforts
Snapshots of an ordinary day
To Life
More bits of life
Visiting graves can be haunting later
DunDraCon '95
Four part telling of the games at DDC '95 and meeting Mark for the first time
Fun with welder's glass and an eclipse
Ramblings about faith
Fall 1994
The time of falling in 1994
Metaphoric hell and a rant about utopian literature
Scotland '95
Nearly a part per day telling of our eleven day trip to Scotland
Sea Trip
When all the Kalbo nomads decided to take a dip in their nearest ocean.
A rambling about the seasons and the cycle of a year in ones life.
Seattle's Inauguration Day Storm of 1993
A two part series about the storm and the aftermath.
Ten Day Weekend
A vacation filled with lots of little things.
Three Miracles
The Three Miracle weekend
Twas a Dark and Stormy Night
Soccer in the rain
Liralen's Adventures Through Life
A rather sloppy but almost-daily journal about life. Started July 1997.

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