The Tribes of Liralen Li

Last updated August 31, 2000

There is The Horde as a mass reference of people whom I think are cool. These are also the people that I deal with the most and interact with the most freely. That is both in real life and on tooMUSH. There are a number of standouts from the general mill of the Horde, most notable include Trip, Carl Rigney (who has no page), The Other Gretchen, Christofer Bertani, Cera Kruger, Bryant Durrell and the denizines of Temple Square, who have all been great gamers and very kind to me. In fact, you're reading this web page due to the largesse of Gretchen and Bryant. As Ayse says on her people page, it's very, very reassuring, somehow, to actually find that I belong to a Horde...

I have to admit that I think that Trip is the best describer of these folks that I hang out with on tooMUSH as well as in real life when I get to go down to San Jose. He has great affection for everyone and does a most wonderous job of bringing out what is most unique to each individual, both real life and in various more fanciful descriptions as well. You'll also find a bunch of us journaling away on, and you might be able to keep up with some of the Horde's daily activities.

Some people call me a nexus. Jon Singer is the real thing. He's actually someone who approaches everyone as if they are a friend of his for life, and it turns out, usually, that they are or do become that.

The Ranch of the Apocalypse is another gathering place for people whom I think are cool. Two that I love well are Kelly Cooper, a former rancher, and Regis Donovan, who is one of the four Wives of the Apocalypse. The folks there are way kewl, and are my little corner view into the doings of the Frob Mob.

Of the Net communities themselves, when the net was Flat, I was involved with, net.women, and a few flame intensive talk groups. I still talk with Rick Floyd a lot from those days. From the arguments and elements of those posts, I became quietly involved with the Black Lectroids, the remanants of what was once Bandykin. After that I got burnt out on the Net, took a two year leave from all relationships electronic until my sister (yes, that Kathy Li) called me and told me that there was a news group I had to check out.

My relationship with the people of alt.callahans lasted for nearly three years, and I went through more life experiences than I can ever just list with those people; but I finally left when I no longer really needed or could provide for the needs of The Place. Since then there's been a smaller gathering of the wanderers from that Place that meets out in the desert of an unused newsgroup. We may or may not wander on. A few of the nomads whom I'm especially fond of include James Walden , who used to provide space for this set of pages, Mary 'Merrigold' Mark Ockerbloom, Flynn, Susan Gavula, Mike Wasson, Mary Brascombe, and Tanais Fox. As part and parcel of that wandering I happened to trigger events that resulted in the creation of otherwise much better known as alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo.

I met a lot of cool people there, too, and did a lot of writing with them. Some of them pointed me at the Dragon's Inn for more cool interactive writing stuff.

Which then provides the link to the journalers. Who can all be found on the Open Pages list, but a few stand out, and they are journals that I read a lot of. Anita's Book of Days is one of my inspirations for layout ideas and her everyday accounts are just filled with Seattle references that I'm homesick for. Ceej's Battered Black Book is just good reading. I also visit Paul's thoughts page. Paul, in his own quiet way, introduced me to Raven, who is also William Shiloh Danan. Raven and I had a lovely friendship in Seattle and are now very long distance pals. I regularly read Cera's page as well, there's something about her accounts that heal some part of me, too. I read others at random, but they're my usual regulars, and since they only update on a weekly basis, on the most part, it's easy to keep up. Other than Anita. She's nearly daily, but in digestable chunks.

I would be remiss to leave out where I work. I'd recommend this place to anyone.

I'm also being steadily drawn into an In Nomine game by Maya/Veil/Genevieve Cogman and I'm not fighting it very hard. It's hard to turn down getting to play. There are several angels that she's helping me flesh out and write for.

Between the Horde and Genevieve, my gaming interests have slowly accumliated over time. Through some of those common channels I've had the good fortune to meet one Geoffrey C. Grabowski. Writer, teacher, and most of all one who is alive in this world. He's funny, sharp, opinionated, eloquent, and observant and has plans for his life. And, lucky for me, he wanted to be one of my secondary relationships. He's given me joy, fierce arguments, thorough thoughts, much care, and has chased away ghosts and reintroduced me to Hell Money and an interest in things Chinese. His people are the Aspects, whom I probably often mention now as well. They often go by animal Names like Dog, Gator, Squirrel, Cock, Mole, and so on. They're quite the family.

The biggest presense in my life is that of John Rostykus, also Rosty, also my husband of more than a decade. He is part of my living, but has absolutely no Net presense, so it's hard to 'point him out' in this medium. John's family is part of my tribe. My family is also still a very strong presense, and they're definitely more net oriented, as Kathy's web page can show. My Dad and Mom are now on the Net and we've communmicated by email since the 80's. All in the family. It's very, very keen that both families get along really well.

A new addition who has changed our lives a great deal has been Jet Maclaine Rostykus. He's our son and it's ridiculous how happy that makes me. His reality has turned a tremendous number of my assumptions upsidedown. He's also made me delve a lot of my history in ways I never would have otherwise, and I am astonished by his first year of growth and change.

Finally there are all the Land Rovers and cars that we have. The Passat is my car, fairly generic and without too much pesonality beyond what it's Volkswagon makers endowed it with to begin with. It's a turbo diesal VW Passat with great handling, good roominess, and really nice dependability. Borax is our white Defender 90 with a hard top and is so pristine in build, body, and maintenance, I had to call it Borax. The Stoat is our ugly ex-military Defender with a diesel engine, tons of off-road equipment, and its hard top is resting in the barn. It's slow, ugly, strong, with twenty coats of brushed on military paint, and it's *mine* cause my old Honda CRX gave up its life to buy that truck. Finally, there's Moby Dick, the great white haunting, a 1960's pickup that John's completely rebuilding from scratch to have a high cap bed, a real pickup cab, and lots of cool stuff. For a while, it had a toilet as a passanger seat in the garage. It is taking a while, but used to be one of my favorite critters to drive as I learned how to double clutch on it as it doesn't have a synchromesh on 2nd gear.

I've finally also joined up with the LiveJournal community. My almost daily blurb thing is pretty hodge-podge compared to the journal I have here, but it's a great way to stay in touch with a lot of people I used to only see on-line. I love keeping up with their lives that way.

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