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April 21, 2000
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Long Friday

We got up really early so that we could get Fezzik off to Wheatridge before getting to work. Fezzik was cheerful to actually be going on a trip with us and had a good time gettin there. The ladies at the front desk were good about getting him in and when the technician came out, she called him an angel and made much of him. He loved that and went with her, a little confused that we weren't going with him, but not unhappily so. His tail was up and waving when he went back into the lab area.

I thought about him a lot all day, hoping he'd be okay.

I knew that I had to get a bunch of slides together for the conference next week. We're having a mini-conference here at work for all the GUI developers in the company, and that should be really interesting to watch and see and see how everyone else is doing things in the company. We're getting big enough that we don't know everyone that does what we do or what they can do or that kinds of resources we have for references to stuff we don't know.

That should be good. But in the meantime, I'm one of the main resources for usability and for some of the architectural stuff we did a while back. So I get to present on those things and I had just today to get the slides and thoughts and things in.

So I took the morning to do a lot of that, and then a bug came in that looked like it had to do with our command line interface problem. So I just ignored it and went to lunch with Lynn and John at KT's again, since it was such a gorgeous day. We had fun and ate in the sunshine and relaxed a little and it felt so good.

The afternoon I spent working on finding a different bug, and Ryan got the morning's bug to at least look at and he found it right smack in the middle of my new code. So the two of us coded a workaround that was fairly intrusive to code that already existed, but we did it on Ryan's machine, so I had the choice of not taking the file we'd made and I just did a different set of edits on the file I had in my work area. That worked out really, really well, as the new changes were far less intrusive and did the job even better without hedging on bets on order. So that was really good.

So I got the fix in, happily, sent it to a few people, and they, all but one, came back to say that it'd had fixed their problem. The one was someone that had a completely different application that was using the library I was working on and he insisted that the new one didn't fix his problem. He also hadn't debugged his application in a very long time and forgotten how to set up his debug environment. He not only didn't know how to run the debugger and set up the debug libraries, but also didn't know how to check much of anything pertaining to all that. I didn't have all the information he needed, either, so got Rosty.

We were at work until 8:30 trying to get the guy working, and finally found out that the library he'd copied over into his work directory wasn't the right one. When we got the correct one there, it worked like a champ.



It wasn't until a quarter 'til 9 that we went off to West Denver. Ugh. Though Fezzik didn't seem to mind in the least, and the ladies at the front counter were sympathetic that he was in for chemo, and the tech got him fairly quickly along with all his notes. The vet said that he'd done fine, that he looked like he was doing really well on the treatment and that all the lymph was down. She said that he'd been good about the treatment, which had to do with an IV getting put into him for a little while. The pills were supposed to be reduced to half a pill every day for the next six weeks and that, all in all, it looked as good as it could look at this stage.

That was quite the relief, eventhough John had told me in the middle of the afternoon, that they'd said that he'd done well.

All the way to Wheatridge and nearly all the way out, John and I tiredly debated what we should do about dinner, what with having Fezzik in the car with us. So we finally settled on going straight home and eating leftover meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans, ending with some of the chocolate cake that I'd made. That was really, really satisfying and I didn't reheat too much meatloaf, so we didn't go to sleep feeling distended.

So, all in all, it ended up being a really good day, in the end, though a little frustrating that we'd had to spend that much time fixing someone else because of a simple mistake like a copy. Still, that's part of what this coding thing all is and we were, at least, completely thorough about it.

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