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April 5, 2001
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Better Day

I woke up at 9, after Jet was up 6 & 7:30. I managed to have an egg, bacon, and oatmeal breakfast, while Jet played! That was a first. I then pumped, while he was playing, hoping that he'd stay that way, but he got grumpy pretty quickly. John was still around to save me, and that was good.

Jet was on a two hour schedule today, he just wanted to eat every two hours. It worked out that he wanted to eat on every even hour. So when the Molly Maids came in he was eating away happily. I just threw a baby blanket on top of him and let him go on eating. They start upstairs and in the master bedroom, so I had some time in the livingroom. After they were done with the office, we moved up there.

We had his play mat and arch up there, and Jet played while they finished things. I got a little time with the computers.

Then he slept in the bassinet while I had lunch. He was deeply enough asleep that I was able to make myself a meatloaf sandwich with warm meatloaf, toast, and ketchup! Yum. And I ate that with tomato soup. A nicely rounded out lunch.

He woke up soon after so I changed and fed him and then went upstairs and did some computer stuff while he played again. When he cried again, we went down again and he yelled instead of eating, and it didn't seem to be a wet diaper and there wasn't anything else I could figure out, so I used the booger chaser to clear out his nose and it turned out that he really did have a wet diaper. My simple test hadn't been accurate enough.

It really took me a while to console him, and I felt guilty for much of that time.

Still, it's a good thing babies have short memories and don't mind a few mistakes. He was happy and playing again when he did a huge poopy diaper and he was playing with me when I cleaned him up and changed him. I guess that felt pretty good to him.

He's learning this game we have, where when I go to put the new, clean diaper on him, I tell him, "Up go your legs! Up!" and he actually lifts his legs, using his whole body to get them really tightly up. It makes it really easy to get a diaper under him and I don't have to squeeze his legs very tightly at all, so I think he does it for that, too. That's pretty cool.

He likes to keep his legs like that for a while, but it does make putting the diaper bands around him a bit harder. Still, he grins so wickedly and has such a great time imitating a frog that I haven't the heart to scold him. Eventually he stops pulling them up so tight, and lets me get the rest of the adjustments and things done, but while he has 'em up it's really fun to play with him and get him to smile.

He's doing more and more smiling, unexpectedly, still, but just out of the blue he'll grin and grin even more when I laugh and admire him for the grin.

I fed him again and then John was home and I finished posting things on the journal. It felt really good to write a little more today.

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