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April 6, 2001
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Bad Gas Day Alone

10:46 am: Jet had really bad gas last night, after eating 4 oz of formula. Might be the iron? There has been at least one other time when I suspected that Jet might get gas from formula and two nights ago, he had really bad gas with my milk and then with the formula,too? Again, the bulk of the second feeding was formula and again he had gas that morning.

I'm pumping extra to make sure that his second feeding is all from me, too, again, just to see, tonight. We'll have to try it multiple nights and we may have to try some of the lactose free formula for a whileto see how he does on that, too.

I might go to Safeway today just to see if they carry the stuff so that we can use it.

He's been sleeping on and off this later morning, occassionally waking up to protest some gas working through his guts. I'm going to hope that by the time he hashis second feeding that it'll have worked through him. I got breakfast, a seven minute pumping and folding the baby laundry in. I could probably even do our laundry today, we'll see. But he really is tired from last night.

Possibly not nearly as tired as John was this morning, but he also knew that I had to take care of Jet all day today, so he was very good about letting me sleep. We'll make sure he catches up on sleep this coming weekend as it's been a pretty tough week for him and he's borne the brunt of the gassy nights.

He was up at 3:30 for the feeding, then 4 for gas, 5 for more gas, and then 6-7 for yet more unhappiness and he handed Jet off to me at 8 a.m. after another wet diaper. Jet latched on voraciously at that point and pretty much fed every one or two hours for the rest of the day.

2:08 pm: Jet hasn't had too much happy time so far. Mostly sleeping, eating, crying, bouncing, and a bit of time on the changing table. Not much playing, though he did have a critical 5 minutes when I had to go to the bathroom and I left him in the bassinet for a bit, expecting him to scream madly while I was gone, but I again came out to a relatively quiet baby playing with the bee in the bassinet.

I started making my lunch at 11:30 and only now finished it. Left the tomato soup mixed in a tupperware for a good hour while feeding, bouncing and jollying the little guy. He's passing a whole lot of gas, and it isn't making him happy. Well, pre-passing is what has him upset, but after he gets it out, he gets pretty relaxed and falls asleep. Poor guy.

Hopefully he'll have less of this with time and hopefully it's something we can either keep track of or find a cause for. It may well be that when he does have formula with iron that it really disagrees with him. Or it's the lactose in the formula. We have an envelope of lacctose free stuff, we have my bottle of milk for tonight and we have the possibility of buying formula without iron. Any of the above might help.

I also half wonder if the huge feeding might contribute to someof this. Kind of like heartburn for most people. Overeating might do some of that to him.

10:52 pm: The binky doesn't work at all anymore. He no longer cries for it and no longer wants it when he's unhappy and he doesn't gain comfort from it at all. It's quite the change and completely overthrows any objections anyone might have had about using it with him. For some reason he just doesn't want it anymore. It's very nice to know that all the times we've used it to help him calm down are not times we'll ever regret. It certainly hasn't made him dependent on the thing.

Dinner and late evening were a bit better, but then Jet also got to eat every hour and then have the 6 oz feeding. He gulped it down, and only slowed a little bit by the end, not really stopping like he did just two nights ago. That is scary.

He may just be having a really hard growing day, again, and just really needed a lot of milk and food and was cranky because he was growing so hard and hungry all the time. There have been plenty of times when we've given him formula and he hasn't been all gassy after, either. So I'll hope.

It does mean, however, that if or when we go to full-time formula there will still be days like this. It's not a cure-all. It would, however, likely be a bit easier on my shoulders, arms, and, of course, breasts. Also, if he can eat more at a sitting, he might go a lot longer between meals. That would be pretty useful during the day, even. To actually be able to *do* something for a while without having to interrupt just to feed him.

It's still every two hours, and today it was even every hour. They say it'll slow down a bit and he'll eat more less frequently, but they don't say when. Given that the simple phrase of 'establishing milk supply' may actually take six months, I wouldn't doubt that the less frequent feedings would probably be at least after the three month growth spurt. Right when it won't to me much good anymore. Yeesh.

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