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April 7, 2001
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Shopping Adventure

Jet had a five hour sleep and then got up several times after his late night feeding and kept John up. So I got up at 7:30 and Jet latched on ferociously. So it went. Another feeding day.

John did get up after an hour to help watch Jet while I pumped. We ate a quick breakfast and I pumped and then we futzed about until I fed Jet again. John put Jet into the sling and I went downstairs to ride the exercise bike.

It's funny, now when I wake up sore and really tired and things are really stiff, the first thing I think about is exercise, not more sleep. Exercise gets everything flowing, gets the lymph out of my extremities and loosens up really tight tendons and sore muscles. More sleep, when I'm healthy, only makes me soggier.

Sure enough, after half an hour of riding, I felt a whole lot more clearheaded. Enough so that I didn't think I needed a nap. A shower later and I was sure. It also helped that my milk supply didn't slow down at all.

Lunch was quick and good, and I had soup with the last of some frozen chicken breast on the last of a bunch of hamburger buns we bought a long time ago. John had a grilled cheese sandwich with chips.

After lunch, John and I went over all the taxes, and double-checked everything before he took off on his mountain bike to mail the return. We're getting enough back that it's worth sending in now. It'll give us enough money for a couple months, if we both go half-time. John got back and decided not to take a nap, either,and just showered and proposed an adventure.

We'd both been wondering if it was the iron fortified formula that gave Jet his gas. There's formula without as much iron and formula without lactose, though that's actually a major component of my milk. The low iron formula is supposed to be a bit easier to digest and if a baby is mostly on mother's breastmilk, which supplies iron, they don't have to be on the high iron formula. I wanted to try them and see how Jet might do on them.

Thing is that Target and our grocery store didn't have the other types. The only place I knew that carried them was Babies R Us, a newish store by the same people that do Toys R Us. It's basically a baby super store.

So we bundled Jet up and took him there with us. We also wanted to look at strollers and there are a few other friends of ours that are having babies and we thought it would be fun to buy them the toys that Jet loves best.

On the way there, I remembered that I was craving rack of lamb after a Cooking Live episode that had roasted rack of lamb. Outback has a pretty darned good and not too expensive rack of lamb. I said that I was craving that, and then remembered that Outbacks have a take-out. So we both thought that maybe on the way home we'd stop by the one that was on the way home to get dinner.

Babies R Us proved to be a bit of a goldmine again. So many things, some of which I'd forgotten I might want or need. The first of those was the Isis manual pump made by Avent. We've really liked their bottles and nipples and Jet happily goes with them. He hasn't objected at all to going to a bottle or to formula or expressed milk and I think I'll happily attibute the nipples a little bit as he does suck on them as he sucks on me, ilel with lips right up against the sides and the nipple well back in his mouth.

The manual pump also looked pretty intriguing, as it was completely manually controlled, i.e. you could pull as soft or as hard as you wanted, and there were soft rubber 'petals' that could massage around the nipple to stimulate more milk like baby lips can. So I really wanted to try it and have one in case we ever decided not to keep renting the pump. Or even if I needed a pump while ramping down from breastfeeding.

So we bought one. It was about the same as a month's rental on the electric pump, but it seemed like a good investment.

The next thing we checked out were the strollers. There are all kinds of strollers. All shapes and sizes and numbers of utilities on them. Everything from drink holders to windows to see the kid to three in ones that have luggage space, a holder for the car seat, as well as the usual stroller things. John got a lo of them down and tried them all out. Jet, inthe meantime, started yelling every time the cart was still. So I was pushing him in all directions as John studied all the strollers. Finally he picked an ultra lightweight one with really easy folding mechanmism and lots of cargo space under the seat.

It was really well made, too, and I could unfold and fold it really easily, which was a big plus. Some of those folding mechanmisms, even when they're advertised as one-hand mechanmisms, are really for two hands and someone with really strong hands, too.

So we loaded that into the cart and headed for the formula aisle. There we found the one serving sized envelopes of not only the low iron formula but a lactose free one as well. So we bought a box of each to see how Jet would take to them, and if he'd still have gas.

Since we were right at the bathrooms adn there was crying coming out of the women's bathroom already, John took Jet into the men's bathroom and changed him there. They both came out looking a bit happier.

So we went off to the toys and weren't able to find the buzzing bee toy that Jet loves so much. We were going to give one to the Sastens and one to a French co-worker of John's that had just had a little boy. We had to go back to the newborn section and there we found the Jitterbugs and lots of those colorful, textured plastic links that we use to hang them over Jet's head. We bought all that and a few cards of congratulations as well and then checked out.

Then it was off for a ride around a mall just to see if they had a certain toy store that we had gift certificates for, but they didn't. We did see an REI along the way, though, and now we'll know that there's a much closer one than downtown.

There turned out to be an Outback Steakhouse right across the street from the Babies R Us. So we went there to order our food. Jet started crying when John came back from ordering and John found out that Jet had pooped. So he took Jet into the Outback to change him. On the way out, Jet was all smiles and got all kinds of comments and ,"Look at the tiny baby!' as he was heading for the door.

John grinned as he said that. Jet then got a snack off me while we waited for our food.

That was a good thing, too, as he was happy enough to play a bit and let us eat our dinner in peace. I was very, very happy to dig into the rack of lamb and snarf it up happily. The Ceasar salad they serve, as ever, is way too heavily salted. I think that they think that really laying on the anchovies makes someone think it's a good Ceasar, when, in fact, a classical Ceaser has no anchovies other than the ones in the Worchestershire sauce in the dressing.

It was a very nice dinner and after Jet had had his big bottle and went to bed, I took the effort and time to take a bubble bath. The Luch bubbles were as lovely and thick as ever, and it was very nice to just lay down and relax, completely. It also helps my sleep a very great deal and the heat helps get my circulation going and not only gives my hands a good deal of relief, but seems to get my milk going as well.

Possibly it's a lessening of whatever stree I have as well as the circulation thing.

My hands have changed in the last month. They are no longer numb, at all, instead, they ache when they're still or clenched for a while. It's no longer the carpal tunnel thing, but it still has to do with less than necessary circulation. When I move them for a while or massage them they get much better. Also, the bathes really seem to help, just a way to get circulation moving without really having to do all that much. That's nice.

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