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April 16, 2001
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Complex Morning

It was a pretty complicated morning, in part because of Jet, and in part because of my massage appointment. Jet had gotten up at 3 for his first night feeding, and then was up at 5 with gas. John kept him until 6, trying to jolly the gas out of him, and so I got up at 6 and fed him and pumped when George got up to take him. George kept him when I went back to bed and napped for half an hour and then got up to eat breakfast so that I could feed Jet again.

For me, it seems pretty important that I eat all three meals. It's a good habit to get into, I think, and it really does seem to affect my milk production as well as how I feel.

When I was done with breakfast, I fed him thoroughly again and then ran off to my massage appointment. It was at 9:15. Talk about coordination.

I had a huge number of low back problems, I think because I sit with Jet so much. Also the usual array of shoulder and neck and upper arm tightnesses. But we worked through them gently and I felt a ton better afterwards.

I got back just as he was waking up and he was hungry. So that timing worked out really well, too. I fed him and found out that John got to sleep until 10:30. I put Jet in the sling then and he slept for another 3 hours while I had grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch.

After lunch I fed Jet and went to Safeway with George and Isabel to restock and let George and Isabel get stuff for traveling in the morning. It was a fun trip and more of the stores folks got to see Jet and comment on him since they'd seen me while pregnant and they liked seeing the baby. Back home, I fed Jet and napped for an hour while John and Isabel made a dinner of shake and bake, mac and cheese and veggie and salad. It was pretty funny, when we'd gotten home from the grocery store, I was so tired when Isabel asked me what I had planned for dinner, I drew a complete blank. I hadn't bought anything specifically for tonight's dinner, nor had I planned on it. I'd been thinking, the whole day, that this was their last day. But I had bought a pork loin roast for sometime during the week and it was easy to cut it into chops so that's what we had.

Dessert was a second round of the gingerbread, and that was when I opened the boxes that had come during my nap. There were two packages with things for John and I as well as for Jet.

Carl had sent something that was pretty much for me. There were four Herb Room bubblebaths. The Herb Room is a really neat place in Santa Cruz that has a lot of nice herbal and naturally floral things. These were European style bubble baths in various scents. Yay! He also sent me a Powers coloring book that had me giggling quite a lot.

The other package was from the U.K.. Genevieve sent me much good Belgium chocolate, which equates to much happiness for me. For Jet she's sent an eccentricly detailed wooden toy with a man with glasses on a flying contraption that was set on a long, loose spring that bounces beautifully and catches Jet's interest; a contemplative dark, stuffed monkey for the monkey-boy; and a gorgeous silver napkin ring with Jet's initials engraved on the side. JMR looks pretty cool in calligraphy on silver.

The hockey playoffs are on-going and it's very nice to actually have a team to cheer for. In Seattle, while we got the really excellent Canadian coverage, we didn't have a local team. The coverage here isn't nearly as nice, but we actually have the Avelanche to cheer for, and they win well enough that it's likely going to be a good long ways into the playoffs that we can cheer for them.

We split the last feeding half for George and half for Isabel, three ounces each. That was pretty fun, as they'd split the previous feedings evenly betwen them. Isabel fed Jet a bit more than her three ounces, but when Jet was done with the six, he wanted more, so George got to feed him a bit more formula to see if he'd fill up completely.

He fell asleep in field goal scored position after plenty of rocking and the extra milk. He seems to like putting his arms above his head when he falls asleep. It makes it really evident how huge his head is compared to his body as his hands barely reach just above his head. Babies are so weirdly propotioned.

John watched the 2nd period of the game and recorded from then on to watch during middle of the night feedings. It was kind of fun to get up and do some breastfeeding to settle Jet down for the bottle and then pump to the flickering screen and see the rest of the game.

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