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April 15, 2001
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Spy Kids

I actually pumped 3 1/2 ounces this morning!! It really does help me believe that my production really does keep going up steadily. That's a good thing.

Jet started the morning by just eating every other hour, but after lunch he started going every hour. Since John and I were planning on going to a movie this afternoon and Isabel and George were going to have to take care of him and feed him, I was mildly worried that they'd have to give him a lot of formula just to keep him happy.

But I fed him as long as I could just before we left and left them 4 ounces of formula for an hour and a half later, and we went off to see Spy Kids. John and I had both seen previews for it and wanted to see it.

It turned out to be really cooly funny, but had a really, really weak ending. I don't know why kids' movies have to have really weak endings where the characters moralize a lot, but so it is. I do wonder if there would be any way to make it much tighter and still have the 'lesson', to at least have it make some sense.

It was fun, though, through most of it and I really, really loved how the personal jet packs worked in the movie.

For all my worrying, Jet was perfectly happy when I got home. He ate happily off me, and since I was still feeling kind of full, I pumped and got another 2.5 ounces. That was useful for tonight's feedings. I got enough for both of them, which is very cool.

One of the 'tricks' I'd learned was that I should be drinking a lot of liquid all day. So I drank a lot of water all day, and even got a big bottle of water at the movie theater for the movie. It may amuse some to know that I now really revel in the capacity of my bladder. Hee. After that ninth month of my pregnancy, it's so nice to be able to have a drink during a movie and not be anxious about it.

Dinner was from the freezer, the last three chicken breast halves and a chunk of flank steak were all marinated in honey mustard marinade for a good long time. John then then took his time grilling them, as I was feeding Jet. At the last minute, John wanted some kind of startch with dinner, so I made last-minute biscuits using the White Lily flour Geoff had sent me. We also had the omni-present quart of buttermilk that was necessary.

I'm happy to report that I can now make a dozen biscuits in about five minutes and then they have bake for a while in a 450 degree oven, so it almost takes longer for the oven to come to temperature. That was pretty cool. The other neat thing is that, for me, the White Lily self-rising flour had tasted too salty to me during the pregnancy, now it's just fine. George and Isabel don't salt things nearly at all, and they couldn't taste the salt in the biscuits.

The biscuits came out lovely, crisp on the ourside and tender on the inside. Perfect vehicle for our jams during dinner. Yum.

During the day, while we were gone, Isabel made a really lovely gingerbread that she'd learned how to make while down in Albuquerque. It had crystallized ginger in it as well as blueberries, and she also made a blueberry compote to put on top of it. The crystallized ginger gave it quite a bite as well as interesting textural notes to it. I also had a can of whipped cream in the fridge that was very good on top of all that.

I always like a dab of whipped cream with gingerbread. It's just classic. It was an excellent dessert to go with our last feeding of Jet for the day.

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