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April 17, 2001
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The stupid books were right.

All those books about how motherhood is the coolest thing ever? The ones that I never believed could be true?

Well, it is. After all this work, all the loss of sleep in the middle of the night, and all the worries and pains of feeding, It's all worth it. Just for a smile and an all-body celebration, arms flailing, legs kicking, and a crow of joy when Jet sees me from his bassinet.

It was even not that great a night for me. I was up at 2 when John had gotten up to a crying Jet who had seemed gassy. John bounced him a great deal and it turned out he had a huge poopy diaper. Jet only ate 4oz after that and fell dead asleep, only got get up again at 5:30 with more gas. Ugh.

Jet looked to be going to sleep after being bounced, so I pumped and went back to bed while John stayed up with Jet to see his parents off again. They let me sleep until 7:30, which was a blessing.

John went off to work at noon and I managed to have some of the leftover corned beef hash with a medium egg while Jet played away in the bassinet. Quite the change from when I couldn't eat lunch without him yelling at me.

Jet then made up for it by eating every hour in the afternoon and getting some gas. I'd wanted to go out and do something, but he was so unhappy, it was much better to just stay home. In the half hour intervals between feedings, I managed to set up my journal stuff to take some of this month's entries. I didn't get any writing done, but did manage to get everything all laid out well.

John got home and made fish slabs and plank fries and a nuked vegetable for dinner. It was filling and nice. We watched hockey while Jet fussed his usual late evening fussing. He's tired, hungry all the time 'cause I'm not making enough milk, and just cranky from it all. After he had his big bottle, though, he just dropped right off.

As tired as I was, I was very glad to be in bed at 10.

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