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April 18, 2001
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John went to work early today. Relatively so, he went in at about 9:30 and came home around four thirty. He's doing about six hours a day, now, and is thinking that it would be possible to go three-quarters time for a good long time. He has a bunch of vacation and personal time off and is willing to use it. This could be very nice for a very long time.

I am getting used to taking care of Jet by myeslf. Finally. I no longer count the hours until John comes home. Today, though, Jet as eating every hour except for the hour when he napped through it for a nice, long, hour and a half nap in the new sling.

I bought an ecobaby organic cotton lighter sling without any buckles or rings. It has a lot less fabric to it and as warm as it got today, it didn't make me sweat the way the full-blown sling does.

It was really funny this morning. It was 77 degrees outside and only 53 inside, so I opened the door, closed the screen door and opened a window. Pretty soon it was 70 in the house as well. That was really nice. Jet was cold before then, and when it warmed up he relaxed.

By the time John got home it was so warm, the two of them went out onto the porch to sit in the hanging chairs and read the newspaper. John had fun having Jet playing in his lap while they read. So I worked on journal stuff for a little while and when it came time to have dinner, John suggested the Chinese take-out because it was so hot for cooking.

The Chinese take-out is open. John saw it when he was doing a post office run, so he called and they're open. So we went tehre and met Jonah and Boo there! We also forgot our diaper bag, but Jet went to sleep after crying for a little while, so we ate happily. They have fairly Americanized food, but it's mostly tasty, too, so I don't know if I mind too much, and they deliver. That's better than I could have hoped for.

They did have chow fun, the wide, thick, soft noodles that I really like, but the veggie version wasn't particularly tasty or hot. The noodles also had stuck to each other, sadly. I hope that they do it better after they've had a litlte time to set up.

It was fun to see Jonah and Boo and talk with them. Jet had fun looking at them and at everything in the restaurant with really wide-eyed wonder. He gets really wide-eyed, almost to showing the whites, so he almost looks frightened. But he's pretty quiet as he looks. It looked like he was having a great time until he filled his diaper, and was wiggling and cooing and peering at everything, especially the bubble paper lanterns.

Home again home again and it was a long, golden sunset. The days are much longer now. and changing very quickly. It was all golden inside, and when John cleaned Jet up, he wanted to eat, voraciously. He stayed on for a good hour and then sucked down his six hounces without a hesitation. John asked for another ounce, and when it was ready, Jet was actually full, so it looks like the six ounce max isn't changing. That's mildly reassuring.

The Pediatrics book said that from 2 to 4 months, most babies go from 4 ounce feedings to six, so Jet is at a four month feeding schedule already. No wonder he's eating every hour and doing everythihng he can to get my production up.

Jet fell dead asleep while John was burping him, and after as busy a day as he had with only one solid nap, he's likely to sleep well.

Jet was really good today, he mostly ate and played. He seemed as happy in the bassinet as on his play mat, and he is paying more attention to the Whozzit that Mary Mark sent. The little one fits into his bassinet. He has a much larger one and one that'll go around the crib for when he gets into a crib. He loves watching teh funny face, and bashing the toys hanging off it.

He played a good deal while I did baby laundry, ate lunch adn even wrote a little.

Remember what I said about the extreme of dependence? It's all the more obvious now as he's starting off on the small beginning steps of independence. He can actually entertain himself for a while, now, and it's odd for me to realize that he really doesn't need to have me around. After a months of having to be there for him for everything, it's interesting to just let him lie there and have fun without me.

It's fun to play with him, definitely, and he likes the interaction a lot. Especially exchanges of laughter and grins, he wiggles ecstatically and yells boisterously for those. But he is good, now, for a while, at just playing for his own sake and by himself.

The first steps towards his independence and me being free, more and more, to do my own things.

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