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April 19, 2001
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Out and About

John went into work early today, too, so I had Jet for most of the early part of the day.

The maids also came today, from 11-2, so I didn't really get to lunch until 3 as Jet wouldn't settle for the longest time. Luckily, John got back at 4:30, and I'd just fed Jet, so John said that I'd have until 6 to do whatever I wanted. So I went out.

I zoomed north and went to the cheese shop in Longmont and spent a happy time getting various cheeses that we were out of. I loved the British Stilton they'd had before for spinach salads. They also had a Colorado goat cheese and I wanted that for cracker spreading as a lot of my lunches, lately, have been tomato soup and crackers and cheese. I also wanted to make one of Alton Brown's refridgerator pies, i.e. a quiche made up of leftovers, and I didn't have any mild cheeses, so I bought some Swiss. Also, after having tried a bittersweet bar of Cote d'Or from Genevieve's care package, I really loved it and they had some at the shop. So I bought a bar of that as well. Finally, I'd been eyeing the Devon double cream in the King Arthur catalog and I wanted to make scones sometime as they're easy and really yummy. So on seeing it there, I bought a jar.

It was only a bit before 5 when I got out. I really wanted a box grater. We have three old graters that are just slabs that are really hard to hold and keep over something that will catch all the grated stuff. I really wanted a box grater as it would hold the grated stuff, after it was grated and at least the mess area would be small.

Since they weren't expecting me back until 6, I drove for What's Cooking, the small gourmet store just south of us and a bit west. I got there in plenty of time, found a box grater I really liked and then stumbled across a very sturdy, wider wooden spoon that looked pretty neat. So I bought that, too, and was done quickly enough that I got home with ten minutes to spare.

That was cool.

I fed Jet and then made quiche, and really liked how the box grater made grating things easy and quick. Yay! I used turkey bacon, spinach, mushrooms, onion, and a mound of Swiss cheese in the pie. I added various herbs with a touch of nutmeg in the savory custard and baked it all in a pre-baked shell. It turned out really good, and thin enough that John ate about half the pie and I had a piece leftover for tomorrow's lunch. Nice to be able to plan ahead just a little bit.

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