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April 27, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Over-Ambitious Tuna Sandwiches

10:49 am: Jet went to sleep pretty well last night, but at the 2 am feeding, he fought drinking. John doesn't know if it was the nipple or something. It wasn't as if Jet had gas and had to burp or something, he just fought John the whole hour that it took John to feed him.

At 5:30, when I'd just pumped, Jet woke up again. This time we put him to nurse on me while the bottle was heating, and when it was ready, Jet was ready to eat. He just gulped it down and still had a trickle of formula going down the side of his face, so John's going to get 2 flow nipples today, the 3's seem to be going too fast for Jet, yet.

John had a 10 am presentation, so I took Jet at the 5:30 time and fed him and then breastfed him until he fell asleep at 6:30. I put him in the bassinet and got half an hour more of sleep when Jet woke up at 7. I then took him out, changed him and let John go another hour before the alarm went off and he got up.

These are the moments when I think I should just have stayed with the plan to take the four months off, as Jet's going to, some day, start sleeping through the night, but until then it's going to be really hard for both John and I to work and take care of Jet. Then again, so long as we can trade off like this, we might survive until he does sleep through the night. Of course, that also means that I'll still be getting up to pump while he's sleeping. But pumping is something that I can do without anything unexpected happening and I know that it'll take exactly half an hour.

John gets the harder job of feeding Jet and then putting him back to sleep when there isn't really any way John can know if Jet will go back to sleep or what it'll take. He also can't always be sure exactly how much Jet will want to eat then, either.

So I'm a mite sleep deprived, but I'll likely get the time back when John is home this afternoon. I thought about tuna sushi last night, just canned, water packed sweet albacore in sushi rice, crisp nori and the chopped up nori, bonito and other flavorings to dip 'em in. Probably make some wasabi for John and carrot sticks to go with the 'sandwiches'. So I'm soaking sushi rice. It should make for an interesting lunch, all in all.

Jet played from about 7-10:45 with stops for diaper changes and feedings. I think that's the longest play time ever and he was really happy for nearly all of it. I could tell when to change him because he'd get quiet.. He's now asleep in the sling, peaceful and content. He still cries when he's tired and fights going to sleep, and still sleeps like a rock once he is bundled up and rocked to sleep. Maybe that's why you rock a baby to sleep.

Jet sleeps as hard as he plays. Seems that he takes after his parents that way. It's fun watching the intensity of how he plays or watches things or studies people. He gives them all of his attention until he's done what he wants to do and then he goes on to the next thing. He can, however, stare at something for many minutes at a time and he'll play for hours, now, with the same toys and gradually do more with them.

He can now get his arm through the big ring of links and pull it down from the top of his bassinet. He's also managed to yank links off the big ring, when it's lined up right. Jet's starting to figure out grips and that he can close his hand around something he wants. This morning, he managed to drag one of his bugs along with him when he was turned from his front to his back, and he waved the bug around wildly as he played some more.

It's funny to see other babies on TV or with other friends and realize that Jet's personality is very unique to him even without muscle coordination lots of facial control and verbal stuff or even a dicernable body posture. It's made up of all the same things other babies do, but his combination and timing is uniquely his.

Yeah. I really get why some parents decide to give up a career and stay at home to be with their kid. I still can't imagine handling two at the same time, much less four; but I'm likely just too much of a perfectionist to ever find it easy anyway. I can't imagine the second kid being able to get nearly as much attention as Jet's gotten so far.

9:22 pm: We had the over-ambitious tuna sandwiches for lunch. John was tired but game and hetook Jet during an hour long meeting while I got an hour and a half long nap. It was sorely needed. I laid down and the next thing I knew I jeart Jet crying up in the office, but it was only 3, so I went back to sleep and the alarm went off at 3:30. John was fine with Jet and the headset.

It'll be interesting being at home and possibly nursing Jet while I'm in a meeting next week.

The afternoon was warm and sunny and when I got up I made pizza dough before sitting down to feed Jet again. It is hot and dry enough that he really needs the liquids, I think. I, on the other hand, was stupid and didn't drink a great deal, so by the time Jet had his meal before dinner, he didn't get enough,and was fussing. So I just left him latched on while I ate.

I'd had a chance to cook down onions and a beautiful red pepper in olive oil with a touch of oregano. I'd also cooked pizza sauce and then I rolled out the pizza dough before his 6:30 feeding. So John finished off making the pizzas and baking them while I fed Jet. John topped them with the caramelized mixture, some goat cheese and mozzarella from the dairy delivery service. All three of us ate at the same time and it was really good.

Fifth Element was playing while we ate and after and I told Jet that if he'd been a girl, we would have called him Leelu. John still votes for Leelu Dallas Multipass Rostykus. We'll see.

I drank enough with dinner and after so that the 8:30 feeding was enough for Jet, and he wasn't too unhappy, especially when I unplugged him and handed him to John and the number 2 flow nipple. The feeding went really well and Jet didn't spill milk in all directions. I heated myself some milk and wrote while John settled Jet to sleep.

The weather is supposed to have highs in teh 80's for tomorrow and in the mid to high 70's for the rest of the week. Tonight we opened up a bunch of windows to cool the house down and it was a very nice change. Interesting to go away for just a few days and have the weather here change so completely. It hasn't been two weeks since the freezing poweroutage. Quite the change.

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